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Good and bad effects of decilone forte

I just wanna say thank you to all the doctors who cares for my son's life because of brainstem glioma. Thank you for giving him the medicine mannitol and decilone forte to ease the pain in his head the increase intra cranial pressure with projectile vomiting. ## Puwede ba po gawing vitamins ang decilon forte kc marami nag take nyan tumaba sila

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Mannitol, Maxalt (Rizatriptan), Nexium and Lisinopril

I'm having itchy skin. It's red and I need to find out which meds I'm allergic too. I've had this happen before. Taking generic maxalt (rizatriptan) and mannitol. My meds include a generic for nexium. Also, my lisinopril had changed in pill color.

same problem with the orange round pill with 54 375

I'll admit it I've been taking a half of sub a day (only a half, no more) for 2 years and now with these new peach ones I'm up to almost a whole one a day. It just doesn't keep me straight with no withdrawal symptoms. I'm not saying what I'm doing is right with the way I'm taking it, but know it or not, when these were first made they were supposed to be in a suppository form. Anyway just saying I know me and I know my body and these new ones are not holding me over like all the other ones did. why idk, I'm not the man in the lab. ## Tenncare is just starting everybody that gets suboxin tablets to try the new ones.. Does anybody know if their the same or have different effects? ## Whenever you switch to a new tablet/manufacturer, if there's not a chan...

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ardosons and atorvastatina

Can i take ardosons with atorvastatina together ## Hello, Rolando! How are you? I didn't find any interactions or problems listed between the Mannitol in Ardosons and the Atorvastatin, but it's always best to double check this information to be safe. Atorvastatin may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and joint/muscle aches. Has your doctor prescribed both?

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oralantidiaetic Glurenorm and Diamicron MR

My husband got aplastic anemia (pancytopenia). He was taking glurenorm for his diabetics. Now the doctor gives him Diamicron Mr (still a sulfonylurea compound). does this make any difference. He is 72 years and got 8 month ago a stroke with thrombocytopenia. during his hospitalation he was treated with mannitol infusion for 2 weeks. what could be the cause of his pancytopenia?. Thank you for your kind advice.