Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Green With Speckles M 30

worrywort Says:

In vermont new M boxes are going around they look identical to the light blue mallinckrodt M boxes, all except the color. these ones are a green with greyish brown speckles. my friends all say they taste real and are the same effect but i am really worried theyre fake and someones going to get hurt. PLEASE HELP ive looked all over online and cant find any info

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Verwon Says:

I am not aware of any that meet this description and I can't find a listing for them.

Do you have any other information on them, such as if they are from the U.S. or elsewhere?


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worrywort Says:

i also found no info. the guy said they were from mexico but even if it was someone would've posted a picture somewhere or at least talked about it. its driving me insane ive spent hours looking for anything

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Courtney Says:

I got the same pill and it makes me nervous too. Did you ever find out if they are real or not or if they are some other drug entirely. Maybe try calling poison control and tell them you need a pill identified?

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worrywort Says:

No new infomation but I will say that the ppl I got them for would be dope sick without perks and they weren't and had only those for three days straight. I have not seen them for months now.

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Concerned Anon Says:

I got the same ones. I can take a picture once I get the camera. I only tried one myself and a friend of mine seems to be convinced they're completely fake. When i did sniff it - it tasted VERY SIMILAR to the bitterness of your regular Oxy (M's/A's/V's/k9's etc) BUT it had almost a soapy after taste to it. I also DEFINATELY felt something so there is for sure some type of opiate or some type of drug in there. And than another friend of mine says it's Mallinckrodt's attempt at making an ER 30mg Oxy. Truthfully - I don't know what to believe but I'm too freaked out to risk sniffing one again due to the risk in the cutting agents if the pill IS a fake. Tomorrow before work I'll eat one or two of them and report back when I get off work. I'll see if I can borrow someones camera to take a picture because my s***ty camera phone won't be sufficient.

Stay safe

-Concerned Anon

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Larry Says:

I used to get mallink now ualite whats better

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guit30 Says:

Mallenkroft has a time release oxycodone and Tylenol med called XARTEMIS XR , I do not know if it has been released yet, check their website. Think that you have a weaker med like 15 mg instead of 30 mg.

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Stacey Says:

The green ones are 15s but have a 15 on it where the blue ones are 30s and have a 30 on it

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