Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Ir Dextroamphetamine Tablets

China Says:

I was dxed with adult ADD 8 yrs ago--and precribed mallinckrodt 5 mg tablets IR--My daughter also has it and unluckily ended up with Bar-now Teva's dexedrine--2 yrs ago--I could not longer get Mallinckodt IR tablets and was put on Barr--hated them--now that teva has taken over--Im having a terrible time. Theses pills are garbage--First they were to strong--now the ones I get do nothing--took 3 this am and slept for 2 hrs. My life is becoming anightmare--I cannot take ER-and dont know what to do from here.Ive contacted Teva--practically begged mallinckrodt to resume making the IR tablets and nothing. I cannot focus--get nothing done and am becoming increasingly depressed--what on earth is going on? I slept 17 our of 24 hrs one day last week--they are beyone terrible-and ER is out of question. Please help!!!!!!!!!

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Verwon Says:

Do you have insurance? If so, have you ever tried having your doctor prescribe brand medically necessary, so they'd cover the brand name, so you could try it?

That might be a better idea, rather than playing these games with the generics.

Learn more Adderall details here.

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Carie Says:

Try Procentra. It is a liquid Dextroamphetamine my son started taking after Mallinckrodt quit making theirs. Check your price first because mine went from 8 to 527 dollars with a change in insurance. Unfortunately I dont have much choice. Every other medication out there doesnt work for my son. Barr/Teva is terrible!!!!!!

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Matthew Says:

Glad to hear something good about malinkrodt generic adderall. I take the 10 mg ir pills. They work for me

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Yan Says:

I just lost 30 days of my life taking generic Mallinckrodt Adderall. I did not realize this drug was making me so sick that I thought I was going to die. Yesterday I did not take the pill nor today and found out it was this prescription. I filed a report with the FDA. Tomorrow I will see if I can have a pill analyzed to find out what poisoned me. I do not see protection for consumers.

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Quality Control Please Says:

This is by far the worst generic brand. I have been on the 30mg dose 2x a day for a few years. Occasionally, I would get this generic and just suffer through the month until I could get a better generic. It was only occasionally that this low quality drug would be my only option. I have been getting a 3 month supply for my last two prescriptions from Costco. Both were this horrible brand. I literally have not taken 1/3 of them and am taking them back to Costco with a new prescription. They have strong side effects (headache, stomach pain, severe heart burn) and make my sleepy. I am asking Costco to have the potency and ingredients checked and complaining to the FDA. This is completely unacceptable. I will have my tablets evaluated by a lab and compared to my next prescription at my own expense. This medication by this manufacturer is not worth taking. It is worth flushing down the toilet. I will return them for evaluation and complaint.

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Distracted Says:

The current premium brand name of dextroamphetamine is Zenzedi. It is night and day compared to the generics. While nothing quite matches the effectiveness of the original Dexedrine instant release tablets, then Zenzedi comes close. It is gluten-free, and contains the ingredient, crospovidone, which generics do not. That ingredient helps increase bio availability, drug absorption, and cross the blood brain barrier more effectively. The 10 mg tablets are priced competitively, and usually insurance will cover it if your doctor fills out one form as to why it’s medically necessary. I pay only $100 for a 90 day supply and I get 560 tablets.

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