Mala N Tablet Information

deva Says:

I want to know about the medicine Mala N

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Verwon Says:

Mala N is an oral contraceptive tablet that is used to prevent pregnancy.

It contains hormones, so it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, headache, irritability and weight gain.

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Komal Says:

For how long can a woman consume Mala N? Is there any side effects for taking it for a long time? Kindly advise.

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Hms Says:

My friend has a 6 month old baby. Is she eligible to take an oral contraceptive like mala-n?

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Ritu Says:

My periods are irregular and my Dr. has advised mala-n for regulation of my periods. After taking mala-n when will I know my periods are regular?

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Renu Says:

My wife has a problem with excessive bleeding during intercourse. However, I want to be able to have a baby so the doctor advised her to take Mala-N, but it a contraceptive tablet. How is it helpful for conceiving? Please advise.

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Preet Says:

I have an irregular period, but my Hb is 12gm and I do not have a thyroid. Can I take mala-n contraceptive pills?

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Vaishali Says:

I have ovarian cysts and my doctor suggested me mala n tablet. But I'm very confused about this tablet because my mother said this pill is not safe for future pregnancy. What can I do right now? My periods are irregular because of cysts.

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nancy Says:

Hello. I am 31 & I had my pregnancy delivery through Lsc-section 2 times (feb 2015 & oct 2017) and i don't want pregnancy again, so please suggest me comfortable contraceptive pills which have less side effects. My bp is normal. What are your thoughts on Mala N contraceptive pills?

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Ankita Says:

Mala-N...Lene k baad....kitne time me periods regular honge. Please help.

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Basha Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Mala n tablet is used by couples as a contraceptive.

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