Magnesium Stearate Allergy

Fricsmom Says:

I am increasingly sensitive to prescription drugs. I have been researching and have found all the ones I have had reactions to have the inactive ingredient MAGNESIUM STEARATE. It is a soy/palm tree derivative. has anyone been successful in finding RX without this?

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Verwon Says:

The best thing you can do is to let your pharmacy know of the issue, because their computerized database will automatically check for that ingredient in any medication that is prescribed for you.

Learn more allergy details here.

However, it may not be the magnesium stearate, at all. It is always possible that you're just sensitive to medications.

What types of reactions where you having?

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Sandy Says:

I am having issue also. Results in breaking out in itchy rash symmetrically on my body. If I break out on one leg or arm, the other leg/arm breaks out in almost the same exact spot. I was taking calcium supplement. Recently I was having stomach issues, and broke out after taking a store brand of Rolaids. Common ingredient in both? Magnesium stearate.

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Judy Says:

8-24-13 I have been following articles on Magnesium Stearate for approximately 4 years at which time, after a fall, I developed severe vertigo and my blood pressure became elevated. I was tried on various medications to control the blood pressure all to no avail. I have seen 4 neurologists, physicians for ENT, Eyes, pulmonary, renal, internists to come to a conclusion to this problem. After many check ups, MRI, vestibular therapy, CT scans, blood and urine examinations, I was still suffering from vertigo and sundry issues related to medication. I listed every medication I had taken and found the active and inactive ingredients for each, contacted the FDA and pharmaceutical companies looking for a reason. Finally I discovered the common thread - MAGNESIUM STEARATE. At that point I went to see an allergist/immunologist who worked with me and ultimately prepared a MAGNESIUM STEARATE challenge test. This did prove to be positive in that I reacted with my blood pressure elevating, my ears clogging up and just a very lightheaded feeling.

So, if you are having issues with medication, take the time to check the inactive ingredients and if magnesium stearate is present speak with an immunologist to have this challenge test done and see what options he offers. There are a few manufacturers who do not use magnesium stearate (I spoke with a pharmacist at the local hospital - the Drug store pharmacist could not help) - I was fortunate enough to locate a compounding pharmacy and in conjunction with my physicians can prepare the necessary medications I may require.

Be your own advocate and if you know the manufacturer of the medication call them and make a complaint being specific about the medication and the magnesium stearate - I also contacted FDA.

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gene Says:

I too have problems with prescription drugs, OC drugs, vitamins, anything with magnesium stearate found in the inactive ingredients listing. My pharmacist explained that it is an acidic binder that helps to hold the pill together. Instead I look to see if the drug comes in a gelatin form or capsule. If not, I ask my doctor to find something similar that does. Try to stay away from "hard" pills. It is not always possible, but If I am not going to be on the drug for a period of time that exceeds a week, ten days, I can usually get by. Anything over that is a real problem.

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carol Says:

I too have this allergy.It is a real problem.After doing more of my own research I find that Mag stearate is derived from animal fat (mostly from beef so I have the same rash and intense itching from beef and also chocolate (which also contains it.Plus many more items.You really have to be constantly on the watch.

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carol Says:

No/I have had this confirmed by my DR years ago.It is in a lot of pills.Also in tic tac breath mints.I also was using some of my husbands stick deodorant and noticed a rash under my arms/checked out the ingredients and sure enough/contains mag sterate.

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vic Says:

I have gotten off of almost all vitamins and medication that have magnesium stearate except for Maxalt and one antibiotic. I have amlodipine made a compound pharmacy in liquid form. That is the only one that I have found.

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Jane Says:

I'm another with the same issues with magnesium stearate. Prescription drugs, OTC drugs, vitamins, everything with magnesium stearate is a big problem. I'm trying to deal with high BP, and the three meds I've tried actually caused my BP to soar. Other than the idea of using a compounding pharmacy mentioned in one comment, have any of you come across a BP med without magnesium stearate? Any input would be appreciated!

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Susan Says:

I have a proven allergy to Magnesium Stearate. All my medications are compounded using yam as a filler and cellulose as a capsule. I have a anaphylactic reaction; along with acute G.I. resulting in a chemical burn. Magnesium Stearate is also in my tap water and all bottled waters except one. I have to filter all my drinking and cooking water with a Zero filter. I test my water with a TBS water meter and it must stay at zero in order to Not have a reaction. As far as bottled waters, I can only drink one, it comes in a hard plastic bottle, Aquafina, again in a hard bottle only. Aquafina's new soft plastic eco-fina bottles are poison to me. Because they are made using magnesium stearate. Magnesium stearate is used in near all soft plastics molding like milk jugs, for one; it's also added to all cereals, bottled waters, vitamins, used to mold candies and shaped foods.

Before finding the actual cause of my extreme pain and anguish. I suffered unbelievable and unbearable pain beyond belief. I was also not believed and told it was mental, because it was so rare. Yet I was repeatedly hospitalized for extreme G.I. Pain. Once I had a upper G.I. Scope it showed the true reason for my pain. It looked as if I drank Bleach! How this chemical is allowed to be use on the humans race, on such a Grand Scale is beyond me (it replaced a simple corn starch). Everyone should question their conditions and reactions when it comes to, G.I. Symptoms like Gerd, Acid Reflex, Esophagus pain and erosion. Because I had them all, one by one, before discovery it my allergy.

My only relief finally came with the elimination of Magnesium Stearate from my life. (Beware it is truly everywhere!) By consuming only organic and chemical free foods and filtered water. Buy only drinking organic milk and juices in cartons only! Consuming nothing with added chemicals or fortified with magnesium stearate either, as found in cereals and other things as well. And by compounding all my medications. If anyone has any questions please ask. I've spent years in my research of this all in trying to save my life.

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Kittykat Says:

So if I have soy allergy this MAGNESIUM STEARATE
Is yet another possible irritant! Already allergic to dairy, soy, corn (in all its forms), wheat, and eggs. I often feel sick because its just to hard sometimes to eat well.

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Anne Says:

I began taking a supplement sold by ANR that contains magnesium stearate. The recommended dose was two capsules a day, which seemed to be fine for about six weeks, though I did notice pale red dots under the skin on my face, but attributed it to sensitivity to a moisturizer. Then, I had a breakout of red bumps all over my arms and almost unbearable itching all over my body, most strongly on my palms and the soles of my feet. After several weeks, I believe that when I take two capsules a day, this problem reoccures. Now, I am going to stop taking the supplement completely. Thanks to all the contributers for the valuable information you shared.

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Peggy Says:

Re: Susan (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I have been having terrible itching and have found magnesium stearate to be the common factor in my problem. I read your post and you said you had studied this and it had saved your life. I am interested to see if you are still available to ask you questions about this. I haven't yet spoken to my doctor as they all act like I am some nut ball. Thanks

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marin5 Says:

I too get reactions from medications, but sometimes I believe it’s the fillers in them, which is difficult to identify!

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Peggy Says:

Re: Judy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I have been experiencing the same problem for years with the itching. I have finally traced it down to the magnesium stearate in nearly all medications and vitamins. I hope that the FDA will force the pharmaceutical companies to remove this poison from being used in our vitamins and medications.

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Ros Says:

Re: Judy (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I was recently hospitalized with very high BP. My medication had previously been doubled. I was aware of a previous reaction to magnesium & suspected magnesium stearate as the culprit. The physician assigned to me did not ‘listen’ & continued to trial a drug that was not lowering my BP. I asked the hospital pharmacist if she knew of a med that was mag st free. She found one Felodur ER (Felodopine). After a week of many BP lowering patches in hospital I finally ‘demanded’ that I be prescribed the mag st free meds. My BP dropped dramatically in a short time & continues to be well controlled. I believe this adverse reaction of raised BP is not common but very real for a few of us!

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Ros Says:

Re: Jane (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Having the same problem of soaring BP following the use of any drug or supplement that contains mag stearate, I have located a one called FelodurER. (The active ingredient is Felodopine - but there are some with Mag St.) On FelodurER my BP is now stable.

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Vito Says:

Re: Susan (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I think I'm getting something from blood pressure meds. Burning esophagitis. Please message me back if u get this. {edited for privacy}

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