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Small round blue tablet msj wrote on 1 side and a line on the other side. Are these safe and are they diazepam?

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MSJ with a score mark on the other side have been identified as 10mg Diazepam tablets from Sweden, this is the active ingredient in Valium.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizzines and irritability.

You can read more here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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There are pirate versions of these from Sri Lanka, look the same but strength (assuming it was correct information) varies from 8 to 30 mg.

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yes there safe and i bought 300 they are just as good as activis if trust me

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I just have a batch of MSJ and they're bloody strong, I normally take up to 20 Blues (u.k Actavis) but 4 of these knock me out. I'm not sure where they're from or whats in them but they seem good enough Diazepam to me, I think there be much greater risks out there.
Just watch though, they are a little like Nitrazepam, try and stay awake too much and you'll end up doing things you may live to wish you never :)

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These are safe I've true a good variety of diazepam and msj's are the real McCoy, Diazepam is a cheaper version of Valium so
when u get strong Diazepam the buzz ur getting is a Valium buzz, msJ's r as strong as Valium if u can get green ones three even better containing upto 30mg Diazepam. ENJOY

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Hello I'm looking to buy 1000 msj 10mg vallium,could you please forward me a price and any other details I need to know many thanks pat

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Any chance of getting me the green ones..

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Could u send me reply me & let me know what site ur gettin msj s from as got stroked 4 a tub last time also i'd luv 2 try the green ones.. wud appreciate it m8

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We've been getting these wee msj tablets and been informed they are diazipam......we think you get a much better dunt aff the wee ones :) so no complaints fae oor neck eh the wids ;)

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Where abouts are you from Terry?

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Haaa , I hear ya n yeah same , flooding blackpool, I love it takes about 10mins max n yer off! Lol, but what I worry about is people swallowing their usual 30 pills thinking they're wwD10 s***e, fingers crossed for them n five n I was mashed! ( not that I'd like to be reminded) cringe!!!. X x.

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Hi Vonni. I live very close to Blackpool and have been after these MSJ's for ages now. What sort of price are they going at? And how can we get in touch. You can email me on {edited for privacy}

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stebbie pretty pretty please can u let me know asap as we are being poisoned by fakes. please help thanks :)

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Diazepam is the drug.
Valium is Roche own name for same drug
All the same "Diazepam"

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Did you have any joy - I'm struggling to find a pharmacy to fill my script. Can you help?

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I've been sent an Rx but the diazepam and klonopin were in sachets of little blue pills with MSJ on them and a single score on the other side. Everyone is saying they are Vet Valium and the same for the klonopin I assume. They are round white pills, MSJ marked, with a double score on the back. Does anyone know if that's what these pills are and if anyone has had them do they work or are they dangerous?

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Re: Danny Boy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

This is absolute nonsense haha wtf diazepam is the active ingredient in valium. Valium and diazepam are EXACTLY the same drug, diazepam is chemical name and valium was the name it was marketed as.

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Through a friend in Sri Lanka, everyone on here has a different opinion, for actual anxiety disorder I had to resort to buying these, as here they put you on them, then after years, just cut you off & I had severe seizures. I've never had the msj Vals before, I've been on them a few years, I no the taste, the feel and if it helps. Simon, these did not help at all, a lot of the Companies making these pills, Xanax, Clonazepam, Valium Benzo's esp are making them and yes it may contain a tiny amount Diazepam in them, which is Valium, others have said they are a cheaper version, their not. The Companies are using huge amounts of fillers, a lot of chalk, cheap Vet Valium, not for humans. Some people have died due to the different fillers, even heroin was detected at my last urine test & I don't use that!!!!. All they need is a pill press & most come in blister packs. Hope this helps, let me know how you go & be safe.

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Re: Danny Boy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for heads up. I don't want to get burned again.

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Jay here, I have been addicted to diazepam for over 25” years. I'm 45 years old and can not stop. I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. Without them I cannot function. I get very bad anxiety where I can’t even get my words out and can’t stop shaking, I can’t sleep and I get no energy where I can’t even motivate myself. I seem stuck and nobody wants to help me. I can not get any help from anybody. Dr's are a waste of time and my CPN” reckons it’s all in my head but it’s not. I know my own body and how it works. Sometimes I feel like ending my life, it’s that bad, but I have a son and I wouldn't hurt the people I love. It’s not fair. I’m taking 20mg of msj at the moment but how long do I have to go through this? Has anybody got any solutions? I would be grateful. Thanks.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Msj and Roche are the only two legitimate diazepam obvs. not generic like most msj and Roche were first to make them (as msj for animals) but with the same ingredients. Do not take any blue msj if the tub hasn't got an all light blue tub with msj in silver down one side. These are real in vets, however, others are poisoning people. You can tell if they're not legitimate. They taste like a snide roach, horrible. No lactose. So pathetic. They take about 50-60mins to work with no lactose. By the time they start working they're wearing off lol. Stay away unless they're the original not blue top with red and blue.

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All msjs are really crap, get different colours, which is just die been put in, I’d get them tested I’ve never had a good msj.

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All the msj's I’ve took are s***.

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Re: Aaron (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

You are so right man, TAPER ONLY!!!

I got in the coma in 2019, I wanted do cold turkey from 90mg diazepam. OMG, i have now post traumatic disorder, cos 35 days i was alone in my flat, I can't describe in state I was in, delusional, hallucinating and worst my all organs failed. I did not sleep all that time, nor had food and no been in toilet for 30 days.

I had seizures every 30 min from exhaustion from non sleep & when my body was switching off I just jumped like someone tased me big time. I can go on and on about symptoms. And in hospital I just fell into a coma. I was ready to go, I said a prayer and u know what was most scary? Not that I was dying cause I was considering myself dead on day 20 if I'm being honest, i wanted that. But never wanted to harm myself, and couldn't go either, it was slowest days of my life, and I had very hard life! So biggest disappointment was - Did I die a 33 year old man, young, with GF for 10 year, and bunch of stuff, so, did I die here, on this stretcher so damn stupid. Was thinking at least saving someone's life, jump in fire n save baby or family, was thinking how to tell my GF about my stashed money to help her even bit and that thoughts were mere seconds, but yeah, disappointed. Never could imagine that some mini pills can destroy my entire body, nervous system, body function! So, after I started to do tapering by supervision of my doctor. He said I had been foolish to do what I did.

In my opinion valium is most destructive medication that is out there. You recover, it takes easy 2 years minimum, about 5 years to have out. WOW. If someone reads this, never, please never, if u get prescribed, take something similar and no so addictive and destructive. Cause you will be brand new till you take them. Symptoms away, happy, no worries, but then comes time to pay back your DEBT since u took it! AND u are in big BIG bother. Bigger than u were and bigger than u could even imagine. It's beyond our borders of imagination. Symptoms like u never experienced ever before. Don't know how to cope with them, it's really hell on the earth. DEMON is alive inside having biggest party ever IN YOUR BODY AND MIND.

TAPER TAPER TAPER TAPER TAPER, PLEASE, people, I bet even a concrete wall would cry out, it is so DANGEROUS!

God bless who is in it, and having treatment of tapering. Guy is right one million percent. Thanks to Aaron, when i saw his reply, I was like, I have to tell people how bad it is!

Pass this to everyone who tries to be big man or 'watch how i will do this' or brave guy who like me was trying depend on his willpower. It will squash your willpower and all with it, u will be most humble man on earth after being brave n no shout for professional help.

GOD bless, want thank God, cause human was helpless and couldn't help, just monitoring me! Take care n watch what you put in your mouth.

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Re: Pat (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I've got really good scores if u interested

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Re: Jason (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Jason, I'm not sure how long ago you made this post but have you tried taking a bit off one of your pills to lower the dose? Just gradually take a bit more each couple of weeks reduced your self gradually! And keep focused! And believe in yourself do it for you and your son but you have to want to stop or cut down! Hope all goes well! X

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Has anyone tried yellow diazepam tablets that are small and round with msj imprinted on them?

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Re: Danny Boy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Are green Msjs good? I've not heard of green but only blue and yellow

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Re: Aaron (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

I'm so sorry to hear you lost everything, I almost have. Oh, Benzo's are one of the WORST DRUGS EVER and everyone reacts differently. I know someone who takes one now and then but also in times of stress takes many, never has withdrawals. Me on the other hand been on between Valium & Clonazepam & Xanax, all legally prescribed after a traumatic event. My Doctor suggested these drugs along with antidepressants and even Sleeping pills {Mogadon} which is also a benzo, I build a very high tolerance for them. At that stage of my life it was not all LOOKING UP INTERNET,, don't think I even had a computer. So I trusted my doctor and I did feel better {of course} Now I no and lived the HELL, from 4 Xanax min! Many Vals Mogs to sleep Clon for severe anxiety and panic! a day I've been through years of hell. My Doctor all of a sudden said he could not prescribe any of my meds except Antidepressant anymore just CUT OFF! He'd been caught stealing and prescribing wrong drugs and for his family, they took his licence away, THANK GOD REALLY.. for any other people that could have been caught in his web. I thought I'd be kind of ok, nobody ever talked with me about it. I ended up having MAJOR SEZIURES the longest the medical team had ever seen, they had to knock me out for days, tubes down my throat, the works as I was having BAD DELUSIONS, worst experience or so I thought. Once sent home, with still no medication I wanted to be DEAD FOR REAL, Physical & mental torture and absolutely no sleep for 3 months It's like having the devil in your head and you just can't move.

I realised this was not going away and the huge amounts id been on for a long time. I needed professional help. With huge effort to even make an appointment I went to other doctors, not to shop, and explained my situation most were appalled by what was prescribed to me and did give me a few tablets here and there but I wanted OFF now I knew the severe damage they were doing to my brain and body, I only ever took what was prescribed but he use to put my dose up. $$$$$$$$ for pharmaceuticals Companies & him. So I researched, & got much information even opening my laptop was a major effort. Got into a Drug and Alcohol Detox, t was not easy at all and it took years and memory like 4 years to almost completely be off now I now take 1 & 1/2 Clonazepam a day and tappering more until im off. I feel so much better, yet still don't really have highs just lows, MyBrain has been doing so much rewiring yet I laughed for the first time in years yesterday. SO I wish anyone this journey the best of luck and lots of strength, you can do it. A POINT THOUGH! Tappering sometimes isn't possible as your cut off and nowhere to turn so I suggest if you can get any Detox centre Help. They will monitor you and at least wean you down to a point, it would have saved sesiures. I did not have to pay and great service really. I FEEL FOR ANYONE ON THESE HORRID TOXIC DRUGS BY DOCTORS THAT ARE MONEY HUNGRY. All the very best to all. IT CAN BE DONE AND IVE LEARNT MUCH. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR LIFE BACK.

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Re: Cracking on (# 24) Expand Referenced Message

If meant for me then thank you Jason. I’m now ostracised by those who I loved and totally alone and all due to benzodiazepines and I have had the most arduous battle of my life in coming off. Took 7 years to get to just 10mg & then those last few milligrams are the most difficult ( understatement of the century) I’ve had burglaries by other users, got into the worst company and still suffer each & every day from craving to take a handful of them. It’s never gone away. I cannot articulate the hell i’m still going through and so I try to dissuade anyone from taking that group of meds unless only on an emergency. Recreational use ALWAYS ends up the same way,for all who decide this is the way to go. Not only do you go back to suffering from the original thing you took them for but it’s amplified hugely and basically makes you lose your identity, sanity along with anything good and kind in your life. Most days I feel sorry I was born and it all started with one little blue pill

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