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I have been being treated for chronic pain off and on for years. Recently i've been on the fentanyl 75 mcg every 3 days and the morphine 15 mg at 4 x daily. Well recently i was having extreme pain from my lower back buttocks and down my legs to the point i couldn't walk so my reg physician thought it was trauma from my sciatic nerve so she referred me to a doctor that is a neurologist named Dr Sawhney in Crain Towers, well before i even had a chance to go to her i had to go to the ER which they agreed with the sciatic nerve. I could not even walk into her office and she didn't even take the time to look at my diagnoses or my list of the different things i suffer from. All she did was see that i was on the pain meds and told me i was a drug addict and that all i needed was detox. Well needless to say i have ran out of the mophine, thankgod i haven't ran out of the patches yet but i have come so close to just ending my life because after that i have lost all faith in doctors.I have been repeatedly falling from i guess something to do with withdrawal symtoms. It just gets harder everyday, i have osteoporosis, arthritis, vasculitis and quite a few other things that cause me to be on disability. I have called Board of Physicians to file a grievence form which i spoke with 2 differrent people and they acted like the understood but no forms so far i'am at my wits end and i don't know what to do. I'm really in bad shape. Can anyone help or give me any suggestions. Thankyou

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sybilangel1 Says:

I'am in a really bad place right now as i said in my previous post ias on fentanyl 75mcg every 3 days and 15mg morphine 4 x daily. The Dr that i had was doing urine test on one of my appt. days. Please let me clarify that i do not do ilicit drugs and that day i also told him i was having problems urinating, well i'm not a stupid person that if i was doing something i shouldn't be i would never have told him that but i gave them my specimen and they instucted me to leave it in the bathroom, the specimen had no label on it and there was also another specimen in there. Well i didn't know what was going on since they didn't bother to call me with the results if they had i would have demanded to take it again. My Dr. waited for the whole month to tell me i failed the test and i asked him again to let me take another test but he wouldn't he just told me he would not treat me anymore. I called the Board of Physicians and they sent me forms to file a grievence about it but meanwhile i'am without meds and really going thru hell. I don't know what to do i have been under pain management for over 2 yrs steady and i really feel bad and don't know what to do. As i said i suffer with alot of pain. I was in the ER 2 times in the past few months and they have also diagnosed me with sciatic nerve damage from a fall from my hip giving out. I really need a pain management Doctor again but i'm scared to even approach another Dr. I feel like just giving up. I suffer with severe depression and extreme anxiety. I live in Glen Burnie Md area and i need a doctor that will help me.I don't know what else to say but if there is anyone out there that has had a similar thing happen and knows a Dr. in my area that might help me PLEASE RESPOND because the pain is so bad i just feel like ending my life. Thankyou

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All what you need to manage the case is proper diagnosis quitting all medications you currently use gradually and trying the NSAID GROUP OF MEDICATION as the treatment of choice of sciatica;you will need to reduce your wt if you are over wt and to start daily exercise programme

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Andrea Says:

Outrageous. Find another Doctor who will give You a referral to a real + decent pain clinic.The days of having to hurt are gone. Above all do not hurt yourself.There's been a huge change in treating pain with narcotics for years now- at least a decade. Don't let that doctor bully You. I did this seven years ago- it saved my life.
[PS- Even drug addicts hurt - even if that wee true It doesn't matter!]

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sybilangel1 Says:

Thankyou Andrea i appreciate the response and you caring but at the present time i'am going through a very hard time and don't know if i even have the will to fight anymore. I maybe going thru withdrawals i'm not sure but also a yr ago i lost by death a pet my mom gave me in 1992 and she died the following yr, i could never have kids so to me she was my child and i guess just can't take anymore. I'am totally lost but thankyou for caring there should be more people like you out there. Hugs Sybilangel.... that was my baby's name. as for the guy that responded no i'am not overweight and i have real health issues and that seems to be alot of peoples answer to get off meds and excersize. but thank you anyway....

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babs24u Says:

Andrea is right Sybilange,
That neurologist had some nerve
( no pun intended) you should continue your quest, don't give up.
Find a pain managment clinic, primary care dr. or another neurologist. But, don't give up !!
I have had siatica for 25 yrs. It's not fun. I take nerve pain meds, 1200mg neurotin daily. so, I do not have to feel the nerve pain when my back goes. I just feel knee and hip pain.
But, Nerve pain meds do not always work for everyone. I am also on morphine, tabs, anti-inflam.
I do swim and walk for exercise.I have chronic pain everyday.
My condition that I have is called CRPS ( complex regional pain syndrome ) caused by damage to my ulna nerve. I go to the chiropractor every week and use ice and heat about every day. I also get a massage every week and do UV light therapy on myself. ( which works wonders ) My primary care doctor writes my scripts, but, my neurologist would if I ask him. Basically what I am saying is that you have to HEAL that lower back first( can take up to 16 weeks) then, strenghten your erector muscles in your lower back. When my sciatica goes I get a major crps flare up, which lasts longer than my back problem. I wish you luck and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Barbara

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Andrea Says:

Babs24u is right Sybilange,
oh doesn't look like my spelling came out right. I meant to say : Even if You WERE [or were not] an addict it is immaterial at this time. The goal is to find a pain clinic affiliated with a good hospital. Referrals can be had via a walk in clinic if necessary.

Another way some people get into a hospital is through 911. You sound like You are suicidal. Antidepressants along with pain management saved me. If it seems like it's too much break the big tasks into little tasks and make them go away. It is easier that way.Suicide - being really suicidal is an Emergency also.
A decent Psychiatrist could give You a referral to a pain clinic.They might be able to expedite -speed up- the process of getting everything taken care of. I will see if my network can find You a Doctor in that area...but it may take several days. I will get back with You even if I can't find anyone. Please resolve to wait a bit longer.

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babs24u Says:

Andrea , It would be nice if sybil checked back. I'm a little concerned. I don't want to waste my time if another can use it more !!

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Verwon Says:

I am very sorry to hear of what you are going through.

Frankly, if there was another urine specimen left in the bathroom and no labels on the containers, then I would have taken it directly to the doctor or nurse, explained such and insisted on watching them apply my label. It is within your rights to do so.

As to not being treated by this doctor, I am afraid the even filing a complaint is not going to get you very far. It may seem unfair, but a doctor is not obligated to treat you or prescribe you anything. They can drop you or refuse to prescribed mediations, at will, for whatever reason they choose. Even if they just don't like you.

The only time treatment is obligated is if you are in emergency status. Once you are stable, they can again revert to not wanting to deal with you.

I lived in Maryland for awhile, when I was still on pain management and the problem there is that there are not a lot of doctors that will prescribe pain medications. They want you to see a pain specialist and they will want you to go through a ton of other tests and procedures and will only prescribe pain medications as a last resort.

The only thing you can do is, if the withdrawal effects get really bad, call or go to your nearest emergency treatment facility.



Does anyone else have anything else to add?

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sybilangle Says:

Thank you again Andrea, please let me know if you get my response because i'm new to this site. I'am really in a bad place. I know when i seek help from someone else they are going to want the records from my previous Dr. which will have the urine test results and they may not want to help me and i'am in so much pain i can hardly walk. Yes i realize i'am pretty close to ending it not only from the phsical pain but also losing my sybilangel last year she was lie a child to me and i felt when i had her them 16yrs that somehow i still had my mom because she gave her to me. Just like i said she was like a child to me since i could never have any, she was a beautiful mixed white persian cat. And between the to of these things i want to give up so i don't feel pain anymore, but i do believe in God and that's not the way it should be. I don't know if this is allowed but i would like to give you my e-mail because i could really use a friend right now as i'm pretty much homebound so i will try and see what happens. Thank you so much and please let me know if you recieved this... hugs

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Andrea Says:

I hope You can find a good Doctor. So much has changed in just the last five-ten years. The Doctor I thought of Mother was from near You;But, he is in Florida + His Mother passed on. Best wishes .

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shelly Says:

sybil i am 42 year old woman with 11 children,i started suffering from flue like symptoms in my early 20`S by the time i was 30 my legs hurt so deep and so bad i could hardly walk i went from doctor to doctor seeking help and was treated as a drug seeker,im terrified of drugs!i did start taking vicodin and was told by many doctors thycouldnt help me to seek a phyciatrist so i did,the phyciatrist told me their was nothing wrong with me mentally and that just because a doctor told me there was nothing physically wrong with me he beleived their was i continued looking for a doc that would beleive me at 40 and many years of agonizing pain pain and a feeling of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts i finally found one that continued testing til he found out that my spine was severely damage from top to bottom,dont give up my kids kept me from taking my own life ,i had to think about them being seperated or treated mean if i went not a good thought,you can do this keep fighting keep looking til somebody listens

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Madisonsmom Says:

What was stated to you is true. Never should urine samples be placed with other samples. They know better than that!!! Someone that has that amount of meds does not need street drugs. I am not sure where you are from but I am sure there are more than one healthcare facility there, and I woould certainly find a new doctor quick. At least that one can get you back on some pain meds until he/she can refer you to another pain management. And for the person that stated she needed to come off all pain meds your are nuts. Someone with a diagnosis of hers will always need pain meds. Get your doctorate before you try to offer suggestions. I would almost discourage you telling the new doctor about mix up with the urine test because regardless of what you tell them it is their license at stake.

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jamie Says:

If u r a vet, go to the Vet hospital. They r used to high degree of pain patient. I hope u r a vet. Also u might just have to find a DR with a heart. Women don't give much pain meds. Look for a a old dimmer that is also in pain because of age. He will under stay. If withdrawal gets bad , go to er with pills bottle and whatever u have of past meds. Tears help. But your pain has to be real. !but the two meds are very hi dose. Patch at 100 will hold u thru the pain. Works well. But hi price as few years ago. 400 for 10 patches. Co pay with insured is less the 20. Good luck. U have to get a quality of life that is worth living. Keep fighting to get what helps u living a good life. They r not GOD!!

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Toi Hnzly Says:
via mobile

Hunny, I Kno that u can dispute the ua left unsypervised, & w telling of formal dispute, due 2 an accident or negligence, on their part, especially if u have never had a bad ua, They WILL erase it & give u ur meds. U Must b on ur Top behavior for good. We Need our meds. They r treating our doctors like drug warlords! Taking u off, w that negligence w a ua, is a much larger risk than keeping u on & giving u ur reg meds. If Anything happened 2 u from ur pain, like a fall that paralyzed, or Worse... If u had bad grandma seizur,syroke, Deadly dehydration from throwing up,...I could go on.. They Are LIABLE. I would do, as I stated, & @ least they will give meds till, @ least the appt. Day they get u n pain clunuc. In my PRAYERS. Luv& Peacce...

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Shuggar Says:
via mobile

Hi, I lost my insurance when my daughter turned 19. I went and applied at social services. I was denied, called the case worker and immediately appealed. I like how can they turn me down. I had a lamanectomy as I was told after a few weeks of excruciating pain. I was helping my landlord paint trim in house until ceiling would be next. I was in College for nursing. He was in late 70s. Used walker or cane. I had to lift a 5 gallon can of white ceiling paint and help get a huge aircompressor up 3 steps I was on right he on left. I had to ask him to back up he was making it worse. I had said I didn't want to do this and my spouse when he got off work at 4 could have done In 30 minutes, he was bound to do. His spouse she asked me to make sure he didn't get hurt. I lifted on that paint after moving and sliding if possible, he complained needed it closer so I picked up on the paint and when I did I had a pop in my left buttock and pain all the way down my leg. I went to Er and had an inj. and pain med, not a very good med to get me through the weekend. I had to go back to ER next morning my leg gave out and numb on front of left leg from knee down. I kept telling the doctors I did not hurt in my back. I was sent to a scoliosis sugeon, who after xray said I had pressure in back on a nerve from L4,L5,S1. I said again I don't hurt in back. He talked me into a lamanectomy. I went in on Sept 25, 13. I awoke with excruciating pain in same leg and my back he told my family the surgery took longer due to nerves in way. I was at hospital til Oct 1, 13 my birthday. I had major migraines, vomiting, oxygen level would not stay up was in 40s, had to get a childs. They took me in for an MRI that showed a Hematoma. I was pushed to do the PT evaluation, walk up 4 steps, get in pretend car, etc..I was sent home too early. I had a back brace to wear and bandages changed everyday following protocol. I had 3 infections in back and 3 different antibiotics after I was sent to a doctor office for blood work up. The Last antibiotic worked, then I was told I have Fibromylagia. I went into a deep depression, wanting to die. I felt useless my dreams were shattered had to give up nursing. I wouldn't pass clinicals. I had pain doctor in another town when I found out this PA was opening one I signed up before she even had everything approved. She treated me right and understood my pain. Then she and another signed up to work together. He goes and changes my meds a whole 360. I was on Opana er 30 mg, 30 mg oxycodone 4 times day as needed, and Lyrica 75 mg, vàlium 10 mg. I lost my insurance had to go with What I could afford have tried several things gabapentin, ms-contin 30 mg er sulfate, 300mg at night, oxycodone 30 mg. Did not work for me. Gave me migraines. Im i excruciating pain, I've recently had MRI with contrast show Hemangiomas that on rare occasions can be painful. They can fracture your spine, go to your liver and other organs. So can I take a 30 mg sulfate Ms-contin while I have 2 25mcg fentanyl patch? I will see my pain doctor on Tuesday. I have read it can remain in your body for up to 4 or 5 days. Anyone else ever try them together?

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