Missed Period-3 Days Late

lucy Says:

Hi everyone! Ive only taken lo estrin fe for 8 days i stopped it becauae i hated the symptoms associated with it...anyways i started taking it on the monday my period started and stopped it on the tuesday of the following week so 8days on it. I finally stopped bleeding the following thursday..MY QUESTION IS, now my period is due on the 8th and today is the 11th and my period is still not here!! I dont know why??? I took two hpt and they were both negative COULD THE LO ESTRIN DELAY MY OVULATION???oh btw my cycle is 28 days between now today is 31 days between .. my period is really predictable too

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Nat Says:

Hi, I'm in the lo lestrin as well, @ I am 2 days late. I wouldn't say I never been late, but the past few months my cycle has been on time. I too stopped taking them for a short period of time then returned due to misplacement of my BC.I also bled twice. During the cycle then a week later . Don't worry hang in there

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Verwon Says:

These are hormonal based contraceptives, so having your cycle be thrown off from taking them and then stopping can be completely normal.

If you're concerned, then please speak to your doctor, but even if you only took them for a short period of time, it will still usually take a bit for your body to readjust to not having the hormones added.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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Nat Says:

What about the normal cycle then the next week I bled once out of the blue. Isn't that implant ion bleeding? I'm quite nervous

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