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Jasmine Says:

Why do Pristiq only come in 100 or 50 mg tablets. I have to take 150mg daily and i am therefore having to pay for both scripts each month which is rather costly.

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Buttons Says:

Studies have shown that even though it is safe to take pristiq in doses greater than 100 mg it has shown no increased effectiveness. Therefore 150 mg is not a sensible dosage. Speak to your doctor.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Jasmine! I am sorry about the issue you're having, but Buttons is on the right track.

Once a medication has been tested and the various efficacy levels of dosages have been proven or disproven, it is only manufactured in the approved dosages. Thus, if they found during testing that there was no benefit to a higher dose, or perhaps even dangers found to using it in higher amounts, then they will not manufacturer those dosages and that is applicable to all medications.

It's actually done deliberately to try to discourage the use of those dosages that may be questionable and aren't approved.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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