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Analgesic in the hip joint

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vijay Says:

iam having pain in hip joints ankle with slight swelling the doctor has priscribed mecofol can you please give me the complete details about it

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Kirtibhai Says:

I am suffering from gout disease since 1989, recently I got swelling and pain on my left hand wrist and on fingers as well, I am sending you My blood and urine report to get advice to cure this.

Haemoglobin :- 10.8

WBC Count :- 9500

Polymorphs :- 73%

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate:-

After one hour 22mm

After two hours 42mm

Platelet Count

Result:- 175000

Creatinine :- 1.42

Serum Uric Acid :- 9.6 mg/dl.

Urine Analysis

Colour :- Dak Yellow

Transparency :- Hazy

Albumin :- Nil

Sugar :- Nil

Pus cells :- 4 to 5/hpf.

Red Blood cells :- 65 to 70/ hpf.

Epithelial cells :- Occasional/hpf.

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kuldip Says:

i had a spine operation last year,i have feeling of sowelling in my rt foot,but there is no sowelling.

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MK Says:

My heel is aching since 3-4 months. If I continue walking or standing for15-20 minutes pain aggravates. Further pain is felt in my legs and whole of the body and I feel tired. My X-ray report of heel is o.k. Blood Uric Acid is 7.2 slightly more than the prescribed limit. Doctor prescribed pain killer and Mecofol-A. Since 2 months I am taking this medicine. Kindly advise me.

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wendy Says:

please help what is the meaning of this:
Reaction:ph 8.0
specific gravity:1.005
Redblood cells:4-6hpf
Pus in cells:17-21hpf

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