M30 Oxycodone 30mg Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Not Working

Charlie Says:

I have received M30s, oxycodone 30mg immediate release, otherwise known as Roxicodone 30mgs. These were dispensed by an FDA licensed pharmacy. But there is no effect whatsoever and I am quite confused. How could a licensed pharmacy legally possess and distribute a tablet that is a fake imitation not made by Mallinckrodt? I know the FDA is corrupt but Jesus this has gotten quite bad. I guess that it could be a recall, but these are definitely scored and identified as Mallinckrodt so what is going on here?

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Debi1953 Says:

What are you saying? I take the medication and I have no problem with it. Now i am wondering. Is it sugar pills??
If so that is a legal issue, and I would jump on it. This has totally gotten uncontrolled. Pain patients get stopped suddenly off their meds they have been on for years. What gets me is, a DR put me on the damn stuff and now because jerks that that do illegal and overdosing, we pain sufferers have to be dined to the medication for pain.
My poor husband went to a new Dr in Springfield MO b/c we moved to retire as he is in bad shape, never once thinking about our medications. Does anyone know of a Dr with in 200 miles of Springfield MO actually will believe actual pain sufferers. WHY do WE pain sufferers have to be punished bc of what brainless people do with theirs. Just so wrong and hopeless. I cant believe there is no Dr that actually live by their oaths, when they held their hand up. My husband put his hand up as he entered the military, 22yrs and now lives in constant pain. And be told NO! He could never say NO!! Or be court marshaled. for insubordination. This how our veterans are being treated medically. He didn't sign up for that.

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kellymae Says:

I have a small blue round pill with a curry v on one side and on the other side it says 48 12. Is this a 30mg oxycodone?

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David Says:


A round blue pill with a cursive-like "V" on one side and "48 | 12" on the other is in fact Oxycodone hydrochloride 30mg; provided that you got it filled at a licensed pharmacy.

For verification, you can also refer to the following National Drug Code link at: 00603-4992

Hope this helps!

In regards to the original poster (Charlie), I would question whether certain binders and fillers are preventing the tablet from properly metabolizing and absorbing into your system? Surely there has to be at least some amount of Oxycodone in there for them to legally dispense it as such... Perhaps sending one of your pills to a lab for content analysis would be a viable solution to pinpointing the underlying problem? I know with certain generic versions of Oxycodone HCL 10mg, they actually only contain an equivalent of ~8.9mg, according to the drug monographs on NIH.gov. Roxicodone on the other hand is a brand name and therefore "should" remain true to the label... But if we can't trust drug manufacturers / pharmacies to produce and dispense what they say they are, then we as patients/customers have a big epidemic to deal with...

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Debi Says:

Well, everyone, been here in Springfield MO and still looking for a Dr that will refill my medications "2" scripts, ER every 12 hrs, and 3 Roxy's in 24 hours. Which i am doing
but about 6 or 7pm I have to take a NSAID Aleve and my face puffed up like a large tomato, had to see a Dr and put on Prednisone and something for the itches. It was like i got ahold of something really bad. Anyway, has anyone seen a Pain Dr or MD to get their meds?? I have had a month and 2 weeks and still nothing. I don't believe this is happening to me, 64 yrs old and will most likely die from just going off the meds. Been on them for 13 yrs now. Moved here and no one wants to help me.
Its been nice, but not getting help here, so its up to the Lord above I guess.
I have many pain issues ( MRI, CT, and Many Dr's) still cant find one in Springfield
so I guess i will try a state close to me. I give up. I'm to old to battle this nonsense.

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Keepnitreal Says:

Yes it is,what i normally take so it shld help u if it helps me,jst DO NOT EXCEPT THE NEW BIG WHITE 1S FRM RHODES,THY REALLY DO SUCK,headaches n all kinds of not so fun stuff im guessing because of all the fillers!!!!

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Intoomuchpainformyage Says:

Have you gone to a general practice doctor with your records and asked for a referral for a pain clinic?

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Rob Says:

Does anyone know if Mallinckrodt still makes the 30 mg generic Roxicodone? Because the last time I ordered it I got Qualitest and it has a V on it. Is that another generic from Mallinckrodt? And why is it always hit or miss when I order the generic Mallinckrodt 30 mg with a M on one side and a 30 stamped on the other side? And hardly any pharmacies will even order it! What's really going on? Anyone know? Please let me know. Thanks.

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LiLou Says:


Re: Your husband - By going to a regular doctor, you will absolutely get no help. Most are not interested in the chronic pain patient and have no knowledge how to treat them. And are scared to lose their license thanks to all the abusers out there. I have had 3 spinal surgeries, need one more soon, have multiple 24hr/day severe pain conditions, use a cane or wheelchair, so I've been through it all. Your husband needs to see a Pain Management Specialist, or as many are now called, "Pain and Rehab Dr". I live in Calif where we have more rules than other states and I have been seeing a Pain Specialist for the last 15 years, same one the last 10-11 years.

Thanks to all the Junkies, see the requirements I live by to get pain relief. And junkies who have overdosed and sadly died and their angry families have forced the FDA to force Endo Pharmaceutical to take a very good & strong Opioid (Opana ER - extended release) off the market as of Jul 2017!! Write the FDA to complain. More meds will disappear under the FDA argument that many other countries don't have these opioids/meds (and why should we suffer like a Third World country!!). Us legitimate pain patients have to find a way to fight back against the (flawed) FDA studies since we can't protest in public for privacy reasons & getting robbed. Perhaps form a Coalition of Pain Patient members only identified by first names and ID #'s? We are under siege by junkies. The FDA is protecting the junkies over the sick and disabled! Litigation against FDA?

Debbie1953: To conduct a search for a Pain Dr, Google your city name and/or next larger city, with the Words Pain Management Specialists doctors, or Pain and Rehab Specialist, or Pain Doctors. I googled "Springfield MO Pain Management Specialists" and easily came up with at least 4 Pain doctors or pain clinics in that city. Then read reviews and/or speak to his staff. If staff is rude, chances Dr. doesn't care. If your regular Dr's don't like that Pain Dr. then there is the possibility that that Dr. will prescribe in higher doses. There is hope for your Husband.

IF you/he see a Pain Specialist: Never lie to a Pain Dr. They are expert lie detectors and will terminate your patient status for lying. Eventually they will catch you. So always be truthful or you risk looking like an abuser/junkie.

PAIN DR. - Typical Rules & Procedures:

1. PRIOR TO APPT: Be prepared to provide your full history via Medical & MRI reports of why you seek pain treatment. I provided my Surgical history, final written surgical reports of 2 failed surgeries on L5-S1, all MRI's. Then later I had a 3rd corrective L5-S1 surgery, knee damage, and recently 4 severely painful herniated discs in Cervical spine. And documentation of my previous attempts at Pain treatment eg. Cortisone inj's., Nerve Blocks, Facet blocks, etc.

2. PRIOR TO APPT: List ALL the medicines you take on a sheet that you can update later. Easiest is a Word Table. I make 4 columns and endless rows. List Prescribing Dr. & Tel#., Name of Med and dose, List reason why you are prescribed (e.g.: Post Lumbar discectomy surgery of Jan 2001 & Pain at L5-S1), and Date Started (eg. Mar 2003 or 03/03). Any Pain meds should go at top of list for Dr. to easily see. (My list is updated regularly and carried with me in case of emergency). Dr.'s & Pharmacists have databases and can verify your info.

3. PRIOR TO OR AT APPT: Be prepared to take a U/A before or when you see the Pain Dr.. If you are using marijuana (even if Legal in your state), you won't pass because under Federal law it is illegal. Forget it if you take other illegal drugs. My Pain Dr. has me take unannounced drug panels at least 2x a year. And whatever my insurer doesn't cover, I pay for. Often, the lab companies will do "balance billing" and I won't have to pay a dime over what the Insurer covers. If you fail any of these drug panels, a Pain Dr. will refuse to see you or if you are a Patient, terminate you as a patient. Yes, he has that right.

4. BE PREPARED TO SIGN A PAIN CONTRACT. All legitimate pain practices have you sign a contract, telling you much of what I have listed here BELOW. And if you Violate the Contract even 1 time, your Patient status can be terminated.

5. AT APPT: Write down some bullets so you don't get nervous and forget key points about your condition & symptoms. Never assume a Dr. knows anything about your condition and may not have had time to read your docs yet. Refer to documented conditions that are causing you Pain. eg. Dr X I had 2 lumbar Disectomies, see Surgical report dated Jan 2001, & Feb 2001, & MRI's. Then DESCRIBE exactly: (Eg. I had terrible 24hr non-stop Electrical like Nerve Pain running down the back of my right leg, intense 24/hr throbbing knife like Pain in my lower back. I can no longer walk, stand, sit for more than 5 minutes. Can't wash my hair, sit up without terrible pain in my neck. Any moving, and I am crying in pain. I can not tolerate living lie this, etc). I asked one supposed pain patient recently asking for my help in her early retirement, to describe what activities caused her pain and to describe the pain. Sadly she couldn't do it. If you are a chronic pain patient and can't describe your pain with strong adjectives, then you are probably lying!!

6. Be prepared to see the Pain Dr. Monthly which my Dr. requires. My insurance covers all but the copay, Ensure the Pain Dr. Is in Network before you see him otherwise, Insurance will pay very little of any costs. --- In Calif, Dr's can only write 30 days of pain meds. It's on a Tripliclate Hard copy form. 1 copy for the Dr., 1 for DEA, and 1 to pharmacy. In Calif, no telephone or Fax scripts of narcotic meds. Even Vicodin which only has between 5-10mgs of Pain medicine, now requires a Triplicate form.

7. Be prepared to have the Pain Dr. also require you to see a Counselor concurrently. This is to ensure you don't get too depressed and kill yourself on the pills. Plus, to ensure you are not abusing the meds.. I see a Psychiatrist who specializes in pain patients, who is on the staff of a narcotic rehab center, who can write scripts if needed, and helps me through my anxiety or panic attacks. He is unique and not accepting new patients.

8. Preface to receiving Pain Med Scripts: I initially got Nerve Blocks & Facet Blocks for nearly a year in 2001-2002 & they stopped working to the point they only lasted barely a month. At that point, that Pain Dr. signed off saying he could do nor more for me. My Nerve Blocks were done by a grouchy but excellent Pain Dr. specializing Only in inj's. & Nerve Blocks, Facet Blocks, etc. I call him Dr. Needle. Most often, your regular Pain Dr. will try these procedures first. You don't need to see a separate Needle Dr. like I did. However, the Pain Dr. must be an expert. (My current Pain Dr. #3 is also an expert in blocks, inj's. etc. via surgical suite with X-ray Fluoroscopy).

Note: Your Pain Dr. or his practice should have other services besides Med scripts. I requested and my Pain Dr. #3 performed Radio-Frequency Nerve Ablations of my lumbar nerves (painful cuz you have to be awake). Helped for a while. Have had multiple cortison inj's. (back, shoulder, Cervical spine).

9. I found my Pain Dr. #1, who wrote scripts, who I left after a few years because he moved 45 minutes away in my nonstop jammed freeway big city. I was screaming and crying and rolling on the floor in pain at this time, and was and is eternally grateful to this Dr for his help. I left Pain Dr. #2 after being written up for asking a patient what time her appointment after waiting over 2 hours beyond my appointment time. Then written up a 2nd time for later asking this patient outside the clinic why she had to be such a tattletale over something so small. So pay attention to all the Dr's rules, no matter how insignificant you think they are!! It was providence because I thereafter found my #3 Pain Dr. who is awesome; strict but Compassionate. And doesn't have "no talking" rules in his Clinic. My Dad used to say that you can tell how nice the Dr. Is by their staff's attitude. I should have known as her 2 person staff was stressed to the point of crazy, then 1 left.

10. Strict Rules: When seeing a Pain Dr., never accept an Opioid pill script from any other Dr., without prior approval from your Dr.. If get narcotic treatment via IV for a 5 day Migraine as per my Neurologist, I ensure I report it immediately to the Pain Dr. On my next monthly visit, I give them a copy of the Urgent Care visit and Neurologists tel# in case of questions. Never put the burden on the busy Dr. as he is doing you a favor. Even before my 3rd lumbar surgery, my Pain Dr. #3 knew when I would be in the hospital, and gave me a prescription for after surgery Pain. The hospital would not have given me the amount I needed. I stayed in contact with Pain Dr. I'm sure There are exceptions to this rule. eg. You are in a major traffic accident and need emergency care. But these type exceptions should come never or maybe once in 5-10 years.

11. Strict Pain Contracts & Dr's can easily terminate your patient status - There is no use in arguing. For a total of 16 years, I have been a responsible pain patient who follows the rules. Remember, Pain Dr's like this have all the Power. And they should because they get all the liability if a patient is an abuser or junkie. The DEA has been putting Pain Dr's in prison!! So if a Dr.writes a lot of high dose scripts, you can guarantee that the DEA is watching. So most Pain Dr's will not take too many high dose patients anymore. Just ask this busy Dr. for a name of a Compassionate Dr.

12. Your insurer may even have tighter rules. Blue Cross CA on their CareMark site, lists meds that they prohibit you from taking with narcotic meds. On CareMark's site, under Forms for Pre-Auth of Opioid meds over a certain quantity, there is the Criteria under which the Insurer will authorize the Narcotics and the Forms. Carefully study both. For example, Blue Cross in Calif does not allow a patient on Opioids to take certain psychiatric meds or Xanax or Valium (I previously took Valium occasionally for severe back spasms) and (never at the same time, I was prescribed Xanax by my Pain Psychiatrist for severe panic attacks). After 9 years on both these meds, I had to stop both those medicines and now suffer greatly from regular major anxiety & panic attacks, and occasional severe back spasms. After trying several non-narcotic spasm meds (eg. Baclofen, Flexeril), I recently have had some luck with Robaxin for mild-moderate back spasms.

Good luck. Be your own advocate. I have a File Folder for each Doctor. One for MRI's and copies of every MRI I have ever had, including the old sheets of MRI film before they put them in CD's.

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Sam Says:

I got the generic Mallincrodt 30 last month, it is not as good as before. This Company does make Roxycodone, but you have to have an insurance co that will pay for brand name. Brand name is blue, but not M30, that is generic, which used to be decent.

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Debilee53 Says:

Thank you in CA for the knowledge of what to expect. We are in our 60'society and do follow the Dr's order on how to take our meds. We just moved fromy Southern California a few months ago.
Had no idea on how difficult it is to seek medical help. Not just pain problems, but medical problems only. We are just stand as to find a good, compassionate, understanding Dr..
I believe I have proved myself with my last Dr in San Diego. In fact I spoke to him after 5 months of being here and he was absolutely thrilled to have talked to us. He was so awesome with epidurals and listening to the words of how I actually feel.
I will never forget him.
Hope your doing better now, and prayers coming hour way.

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Sam Says:

Re: Debilee53 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

After getting a very weak batch of Mallincrodt 30 mg oxycodone, I contacted them on their website. I was surprised, but got 4 calls back, 2 from US office and 2 from company in India where they are made. This month when I picked up my script, they were the regular strength, I was shocked, but happy.

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Jeffro Says:

Re: Sam (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Where do you get the Malinckrodt oxys? I haven't seen them in years.

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Gkatz Says:

I am having the exact same experience with the m 30s I just got from cvs in kansas. I have taken this medication for 25 years, but this is my first experience with this generic. It is literally like there is no active ingredient, but do give me a slight headache. If you are trying to manage pain, the last thing one wants is no relief and another kind of pain. I have never complained about my medication in 25 years, but fear they will think I'm crazy. I don't know what to do.

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nikki Says:

Rp/30 oxycodone 30 mg are THE WORST!! ABSOLUTELY NO pain relief all funky side effects and i’m in more pain than before! U have been on the regular blue either m/30, or activas, for almost 10 years. Rite aide changed to rhodes and I spoke with the pharmacist and she told me about 25 people complained and changed pharmacies. Apparently with all these and many more complaints someone would think there is something wrong here. Just not fair to all of us in “legit pain and not abusing”. Hopefully something gets done about this mess soon.

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TH Says:

Re: Rob (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry to b the one to tell this, but it's all money,money,money, and the bottom line.
That's it. Simple right? Not for patients,because once crappy med is filled by pharmacy they then dump it in your lap . Now it's your problem.

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RoRo Says:

I was told by my pain doctor, because I couldn't get any blues from my pharmacy, all they had were white 30 mg oxycodone and they provided zero pain relief. He said pharmaceutical companies have the right to make their medicine + or - 8%strength. So a 30 mg oxycodone could actually only have 22 mg of opiates in it. That’s why some brands seem like sugar pills.

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