M 30 Oxycodone Verses K9 Oxycodone 30mg

Maggie Says:

After taking M 30 Oxycodone my small pharmacy changed me to K9 30mg Oxycodone. The K9's are not taking away my pain at all. Anyone else had the same problem with K9's?

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David Says:

Hi Maggie,

I may not have personal experience with this, but according to a number of reviews I've read from other users, these particular pills are touted as one of the less potent brands on the market; only working sometimes - depending on your tolerance and severity of pain.

I can only speculate that the manufacturer (KVK-Tech) probably could've changed out certain binders and fillers, as this often has an effect the overall absorption of the drug itself. This might also explain why it's not managing your pain very well.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Oxycodone Details

Has anyone else tried this who can post their thoughts and feedback?

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Dobie13 Says:

I just got the K8 15 mg and they are horrible for taking my pain away. I'm going to call my pharmacy and the drug company about this problem. This should not happen!

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braniff67 Says:

i am under the care of pain doctor. a certified bonafied real doctor not a quack. a person of intregity. i am appalled that i go to the pharmacy to pick up my pain medication and am given k9 manufactured by kvk tech and the potency of this medication is a zipo big zero. I called my pharmacy who has had trouble getting this medication oxycodone 30 mg but changed middleman got kvk-tech k9. Since one bottle was a loose amount and the other a sealed bottle i was able to take back a hundred and given atavis 30 mg at a cost of additional 80 dollars on top of what i had already paid. I called kvk-tech and yes they were totally surprised..wink wink..so i am stuck with some medication that does not provide any pain relief. As a customer of this pharmacy for over five years i would think they think better of me than to give me a med that does not work and they knew it. when i purchased the med they told me that i would have to lower my expectations but wasn't sure what that meant. The pharmacy had the activas in stock but off loaded the kvk tech onto me at a highter cost than what i had been paying for 180 activas 100usd..how come kvk tech am i am paying 120 usd for 180 that do not work. kvk tech needs to be investigated and find out what the root problem is and have it corrected. example..i took one pill of kvk this morning and thrirty minutes later i had zero pain relief, took another and finally i reach what i would call 70 to 75 percent relief. this is wrong, just wrong and i want to know if kvk tech eating the stuff called potency and giving the customers a product that is sub standard at best..

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Kfelix2014 Says:

The KVK Tech takes literally a whole hour to have any minimal effect opposed to the Mallincrodt brand which takes 20-30min tops, so its slow going and inconsistent and It is the same regardless if it is the 10mg or 5 mg KVK. The fillers are irritating to me. Causes a slight pink eye and sinusitis somehow. Dry eyes and mouth, just odd feeling, the side effects remove any benefit. Feels like a deterrent.

As a pain patient for some years and not a recreational user, I functioned best with the M brand, I felt "cleaner" in my mind and body, just normal and minimal pain and I was doing more activity with less side effects. Im no drug tech but it seems to be missing something. And certainly if you usually feel more energetic and functional prescribed M brand you'll notice the difference cause you don't get that with KVK. What makes it work to divert your mind of pain seems dull and tiring or like your more confused about how you feel then anything and certainly no "high" so maybe they make them less addicting? or removed a certain component or added one to null another but its my opinion if they change what makes it work then its just useless for everyone. Perhaps a new patient/customer wouldn't know the difference in comparison but when your used to a certain effect and a certain kind of relief, its not there, for me anyways. In fact when I first began after a dosing change even at a dose increase, my pupils were bigger and I felt like I got kicked in the back and not doing much. I had a few tablets remaining of the M brand, took it and felt so much better. W Greens no longer carries the M brand as of last month which is a surprise to me.
Im interested to know anyone else's feeling on this manufacturer so I can rule out if I just have an allergy to the filler perhaps or its its just a bad drug. Given that they are newer I have not seen any reviews and the company doesn't even list anything on their website.
Oh and those who use W Greens, I accidentally got a copy of their new "procedure" and they do visually judge you to determine if you should be given a certain medication. I will prob use another pharmacy, I only liked them cause of the drive thru convenience but obviously they are making major changes and Im not sure if that only applies to them.
Im looking forward to others thoughts.

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Mygirl Says:

I have the same EXACT reaction to the kvk brand and also have been on malencrot (or M) as the above poster.

After doing MUCH research I found that the inactives in kvk is what was causing the adverse effect and I too would get 1/2 the pain relief. I am also gluten intolerant and all but 2 brands of generics are gluten free.

My doctor writes gluten free in my script and I found a CVS that can order for me and are kind enough to most of the time put my name in them and hold them for me because no one In my area of FL is able to order ANY certain generic (which is absurd!)

So to the poster above do the research on the inactives in the different brands and you will eventually figure out which you can tolerate physically and give you the proper pain relief. The only other brand I have found w/ same inactives other then M box kind is the white kind made by Malyn (sp?)
In my opinion the should junk kvk all together because they leave a metal taste in my mouth after swallowing that lingers and give me the worst heart burn! & I don't get heart burn.
Best of luck!

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braniff10 Says:

absolutely the k9 the worst medication on the market. I was sold that crap and am furious.

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braniff10 Says:

If your pharmacy tries to give you kvk oxycodone, regardless of strenght do not accept this medication. Walmart carries actavis and I have found this brand helps me with my chronic pain above all the other brands. Do not waste your money on KVK, hope this helps you with making a decision and advise your pharmacy you will accept nothing less than the brand you want. I have too much pain to tolerate a medication that does not work.

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Jose Says:

I have also being had with the kvk crap, here in Puerto Rico pharmacies are running scared of patients with chronic pain, because of the opioids. They don't wanna sell the meds sometimes. And nobody does crap for us.

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RileyTom Says:

Walgreens does judge by looks depending where u live in md I wasn't judged till I moved to different county now insurance company won't even let me go to Walgreens or no what we call mom and pap pharmacy so I end up paying cash for my pain meds cvs and Walmart is only place I can fill and none of them will do it cause of looks pain patient for 13 years such a horrible thing to do to people

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Bill Says:

The best thirtys by far are the M-30's next is the V's, then the A-215's those K9 tablets are total junk, i let my 30's dissolve in my mouth because i get better relief regardless of brand, but the K-9 brand dont even taste a fraction as strong as the others, and no lingering taste like the others, i dont believe there even half the strength, its crap, and kvk walgreens, and anyone who sells that brand knows they are junk, you can write the company, and ask for the clinical trial reports, as well as the chemical component reports, and see for yourself that they know/knew they are/were junk at the clinical trial stage, also you can contact the F.D.A. and order there reports on that brand,and see the company is, and has been blatantly deceiving the consumers, the FDA dont care because kvk company lobbyists pay the FDA for approval of there meds, just like every other drug company does. Its a raquet and the FDA is the conspiritor....so good luck getting any results at either end.......

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Atlanta Says:

I don't no about y'all but i ran out of my green 15mgs and took some k9 blues until I go back to the doctor and oh boy was I impressed. I split them in half so as not to take more than my prescribed dose and to me they helped with the pain way better. So I guess my question is do u think changing brands is the reason why they worked better or is it physiologically?

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Kris Says:

K9 oxy ir 3o's are just fine... I find this so sad that this has happened in our world. It is true. There are many many differences out there in pharmaceutical world..

I'm 15 year pain patient as well.. I experience similar issues with brands with fentanyl patches... This is for very good reason. Each brand is absolutely manufactured differently with different applications and processes and materials.. And yes one brand Nat have 10mcg or 10.7mcg or even 16.8mcg (sandoz) but they are all sold as same generic 100mcg patch size even though they r all different shapes sizes n even different active ingredients..

It is crazy and it does affect us patients.

But oxyir??? No no no. Well not to that degree. The ONLY DIFFERENCE will be the in active ingredients so only problem ever can be an allergy to said ingredient but that wouldn't affect strength??

Placebo effect 100%

K9 is just as good as the others, if anything they r made extremely well!

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Daremo70 Says:

I agree wholeheartedly about the K 9s. I personally love them and put them on the same level as the A 215s. The ALGs work really good too. I'm not a big fan of Ms but will use them in a pinch. I won't touch 224s or the huge white 114s made by Caraco and Mylan respectively. That's my opinion, K 9s are perfectly fine.

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Biggyjames64 Says:

I also like msquares the best.

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TiffyTriggs Says:

I completely agree with you. People are making it completely phsychological (sp?). And I understand both sides because I too am guilty of thinking one is way better than another and one doesn't work yada yada it's all in your heads! Unless you received fakes or bad batches. A215 was my first ever so when I got even the Mbox I didn't like them. And then came the V's, then the K's followed by the (ACTUAL CRAPPY) blue 224s and that other white horse pill one. But then once i started to tell myself it was in my head, it really was. Then I loved the V's and A's but never cared for the Mbox like everyone says. It's all about preference even though they all contain the active ingredient we say some don't. The K's are the same as the A's which are the same as the V's and are the same as the M's and K's. The only ones that really aren't quality are the big horse pills the 224s and the 114s or whatever those white ones are. OH! And the A 51's are worse than ALL of them. They cause rapid heart rate and extreme tiredness(not nodding but legit exhaustion) no energy, and when you try to sleep, it's for a couple hours then you have anxiety in your chest that won't go away for 24 hours. STAY AWAY FROM A51's!!!!
But as far as the K's, I get prescribe the 10mg pink ones every month (in FL) and I never have a problem. 15Mg I don't get much of anything from but that is with any brand as well as the 20mgs. Seems like 5mg 10mg and 30mg IR are beneficial but not 15mg or 20mg.
Just my knowledge over the course of 7 years. I have had spinal issues since 19years old and have a rare spinal disease causing large cysts to grown out of the nerve roots of my spine. Its very painful and the surgical recovery time is years. Its different from any other spine surgery and only 2 in America touch it but only 1 guy knows his stuff and is world known for it. So these little pills keep my life going so I have been through pretty much all of them (instant release formula)

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Jske Says:

I've taken 5 mg, 10, 25, 20, 30, 80 mg of oxycodone for years. unless it's a band new brand I've had it. I prefer the k9 over the m. this s*** is all in your heads. if anything Ms are ones I would put less favorite for pain, but like the k9 they definitely have the same mg of oxycodone. if u spend more money for a brand name your stupid since ur as likely to have the same bad 1 or 2 pills out of probably a 10000. Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Purdue (where my sister worked) check to make sure that they have the right amount. At the 3 she worked at the average was 97%-98% and all not lower. The 30 mg oxycodone was made sure to have the most on the high side of 30.5 to 32 mg; all except 1 would throw a batch out if it was less than 97%. The others throw them out at less than 95%. So when u got 20 mg u r 9 out of 10 times going to get above the mg amount by a little. You have it all in your head. If I didn't know first hand their procedures it's just crazy; k9, M, whatever are always real, work, and have the exact probably more than the mg amount. They only really have to put 80% by law.

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Jske Says:

Yea a sane person. My sister worked at Eli Lilly, Purdue and another that I forget the name of, but all 3 made sure they had .5 to 1.2 mg more than the required amount. 96% batches are thrown out. People are delusional. Now a real ****ty company might have a little less but definitely all have at least 80%? Like the law says they're not going be a company trying to save a little $ to go out of businesses at Purdue. When she worked there, if the FDA found them using less than the amount required it was a 1 to 100 million dollar fine minimum. 1 million ppl on here must be stupid or buy from a dealer who gives you say a k9 pill that looks just like the real ones. If u get them legally they're all about the same. It's all in your guy's head, but with a lot of dealers now their job is to be a pretend chemist. If you buy them illegally and u keep getting fake pills then that's your fault.

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Ck Says:

All who are taking these drugs due to lack of energy, cud b depression, but energy tied to happiness. Overworking ur body wth drug help is temporary but long lasting physical trauma to body. When u r young you feel invincible. I never did drugs before i came down wth 2r hr bladder diseased lining radiating pain thru every muscle nerve, tortured acid on bladder sores at 53. It went on for 5 yrs before i got depressed. I know how pain & depression steal life. Plz dont ruin ur bodies to get euphoria. Try everything first before heavy drugs. Something is wrong if life requires us to boost our happy feeling every day wth drugs for pain. You are stealing your future

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Fireball Says:

I just switch pharmacy on Saturday my old pharmacy was a pain in the butt I was getting 30mg of oxycodone the A 215 for over 5yrs now this place gave me the k9 there supposed to be the new ones i had them once 3yrs ago didn't notice any different because I was also taken 100mg of morphine for my back got off the morphine the k9 work for about two hours only my head feels good but the pain is still there

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Ck Says:

Then it must be fillers & way it distributes the actual pain med. Because people in pain don't make this s*** up. We feel, we don't question until we feel different, as we do trust these pharmacies to uphold standards. However, there have been drugs made offshore, contracted, & fillers were like chalk, & were not discovered for some time. We are different, allergy meds that say non drowsy put me to sleep in 1 hr for the whole day.

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