Lyrica And Liver Damage?


I had some weight gain, like 10 to 15 pounds. What really bothers me, is after using this product I have been diagnosed with a Fatty Liver... I don't drink and I had no problems before using Lyrica. I am very concerned Lyraca causes weight gain in the liver too!

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Well, a fatty liver is NOT weight gain in the liver. It is a far more serious condition. It can develop into Cirrhosis, which is far, far more dangerous and can lead to liver failure or death.

You can read more about it here:

American Liver Foundation Click Here

It can also happen to people who are not alcoholics, sometimes it happens just because of a person's normal body issues. Some medications can cause it, sometimes it can also be caused by diet.

That said, I am not finding anything that associated Lyrica (Pregabalin) with causing it.


Have you tried talking to your doctor to narrow down the reasons that you might have developed it?

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I was diagnosed with a fatty liver only after taking lyrica for 6 months.

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I started taking Lyrica a couple of months ago. Today, I was told that I have elevated liver enzymes ... will be going for more tests - checking for fatty liver. I've had my liver function tested multiple times in the past 5+ years and enzyme levels were always on the low side of normal. This is a first for elevated levels.

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You cannot diagnose fatty liver based on elevated liver enzymes alone. You need an abdominal ultrasound. Also, elevated liver enzymes do not always mean that there is something wrong. They often transiently go up and down, and not all of them are very sensitive indicators of damage. And Verwon is right about the lack of any evidence of fatty liver associated with taking Lyrica. There is nothing in various drug monographs that I've checked, and if you do a quick Pubmed search, absolutely no articles come up.

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I am also on Lyrica, have been for many years, and I also have been told that I have a fatty liver.
My Pain Specialist told me that Lyrica is not metabolized in the liver, it does not assimilate in the liver, it is filtered through the kidneys. Hence, I figure the fatty liver is due to something else then.

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I agree. I had fatty liver before starting Lyrica. My doctor says it is common as we age, and may not be caused by any medications at all for some people. it you are over 50 and a bit overweight, chances are you have the geginning of fatty liver and don't realize it unless it;s found while looking for something else. My doctor says i do not need to be concerned about it at this point, and no treatment is needed.

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It's so easy to pick out the comments from people benefiting from the sales of Lyrica. We're really not as ignorant as you think. It's so blatant, it's actually embarrassing. If you take Lyrica, you WILL gain 20 to 40 pounds, your liver enzymes WILL be higher than the normal range, you WILL be diagnosed with a fatty liver. Those are just the scariest of all the reactions! And, to make it even worse, your health care providers will start making decisions about your care based on liver damage.

Rule of thumb, ask your Doctor if he or she is being compensated for prescribing Lyrica or any other of the "as seen on TV" drugs.

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St Mary's thistle herb is a specific liver protective and rejuvanative. Daily use in illness or everyday modern lifestyles is suggestive. It can be purchased at naturopaths or healthful stores and most chemist's stock it to. Great for hepatitis to cirrhosis of the liver. I have Bach applied science in med and Nat med and would recommend it and barberry bark used together. Always treat the liver In any illness and med use is a key knowledge as this organ does over a thousand things to help you live. Protect it love it and be kind to it. Loads of prescription meds affect it and that's a fact of life we must live around. No harm in using st Mary's thistle with any med and worst can happen is diarrhoea in some as the bile production rectifies. Reduce does but continue. Take daily and a good protein diet, egg yolks with methionine and casting are great precursor for neurotransmitters and deaminating paracetamol and other meds. Preventing toxic liver damage. 14 yrs experience in practitioner prescribing in herbs, homoeopathics, etc experience and a nurse and medically trained before that has led to my above statements. Good health to you all. And Dr's are human, they can make mistakes, research for yourself and then ask your dr about important things you've experienced and found on research. Don't be surprised if they feel threatened and tell you to stop, but one things for sure you only live once, get educated and empowered. Shalom

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WILL gain weight? With respect, patently untrue. Post-knee replacement, zero body weight gain and other side effects. Just personally, of course.

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My day was diagnosed with a fat liver after taking lyrica for 4 months

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I also for the first time, after taking Lyrica for 3 years, was found to have raised liver enzymes and a degree of fatty liver on ultrasound. I gained over 30 pounds in weight and had awful side effects. I took me weeks, months of protracted withdrawal to get off it. My recent liver tests have returned to normal. It’s a terrible drug, don’t take it.

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I have CRPS complex regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia I don’t want any more pain pills can you recommend something natural for my pain I have been off opioids for 3 months but it’s hard because I hurt so bad and I have fatty liver disease and Dr said liver is starting to harden but he doesn’t seem concerned about that

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Same! I too just got diagnosed w a fatty liver. I’m not over weight and in general good health. I was shocked to see my ultra sound results. I started to look up all the medications I’ve been prescribed and def think it’s the lyrica! And I gained weight taking this drug. Now I’m on the journey to stop taking it. I’ve gone cold turkey and the withdrawal symptoms are horrible. I’m on day 4 so I’m hoping when I wake up tomorrow I’m feeling a lil better!

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