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restart period

hi i m 40 yrs old. on 3 of Dec'14, i got laporoscopy and after dat our doctor prescribed an injection named LUPRON DEPOT monthly for 3 months , and accordingly i got pushed the same. but after dat my period got stopped. again i discussed with my doctor and he said that dont worry it will start within 2 to 2n half month . the last injection i got on 3rd February. but till date my period didnt started. then again i visited my doctor and told him about this . he then replied that its because of my age , the period stop, he cant do anything now. please help me. I never got pregnant. i want to be. i got married 1 year back... please suggest something for me. i will remain evergrateful to you. Moreover Our doctor also suggested for IVF. but i wanna natural pregnancy. please please please hel

Lupron Drug Information

I'm suppose to start Lupron in a week and I am a little nervous. Just looking for more info about it. ## Lupron contains the active ingredient Leuprorelin, which is most commonly used in the treatment of hormonal responsive cancers. Have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns over starting it? They would be the best qualified to help you understand whether it is right for you to try and what side effects you may experience.

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