Lorazepam Manufactured In India

gstar Says:

I have been taking Loraz 2mg, manufactured in India. They are a white pill with a score, and come in a blister pack with a tan color. Has anyone else tried these?

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DeDe Says:

So did they help? Mine are small and round with no writing on them, and they are tan.

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Tomo Says:

Has anyone tried the Lorazepam 3mg tablets from the Indian company Brilliant Pharmaceuticals?

They come in little strips of 10 tablets, are round with nothing on one side and a scoreline on the other. They are an off-white color and taste bitter (not as bitter as Zopiclone or Alprazolam), as opposed to the usual sweet taste I would usually expect. They are not advertised as sublingual, but dissolve perfectly under the tongue. I haven’t sent any off to Wedinos as I have tried them a few times, as have others. I have searched the net for other people’s experiences, to no avail.

They seem to work very well & with a much quicker onset than other brands I’ve tried.

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