Looking For Methadone Treatment That Lets Me Take Home

Mike Says:

I'm trying to find a doctor or program that will prescribe methadone to keep me off of street opiates that doesn't make me go there everyday to get "dosed". I just can't involve my family and I don't want to lie to get out on weekends. I live in Dunedin Fl. and I'm insured but I'll not use insurance if that is required. My goal is to wean the methadone down to 2 a day then go on subutex to get off all together. The clinics I have called expect me to go 4 days with no methadone then start subutex or suoxone. I'm at 100mg per day of methadone and 4 days without is impossible. I'm 61 years old with heart issues. Cold turkey withdrawal will kill me but the clinics really don't worry about that.

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Jeff Campbell Says:

Oh you gonna go EVERYDAY to a methadone clinic and take it in front of them until you can prove yourself for take homes. Looks like you havent done that.

Now there is a reason they want you to go 4 days,, You take suboxone with methadone in your system, you are going to wish you were dead if it doesn't kill you by putting you into severe withdrawal because of the Narcan in the suboxone.

What you can dio is get it STRAIGHT UP FRONT that you will go directly to subutex,, it does not have the narcan in it,, or of all things,, stop the methadone,,, tyake . 3 mg of clonidine twice a day for 4 days and add in there about 30 tablets in divided doses of IMODIUM AD,, it is VERY VERY VERY similiar to suboxone,, and is the same type narcotic,, and even is a narcotic agonist antagonist. Besides you will need it with the diarrhea on the 3rd day.

Now if you get get hold of some tramadol to use with the clonidine,, it is even more of a narcotic agonist/ antagonist that binds to the mu opiate receptors, You wont go into withdrawal as easily ojn subo

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freefromthedragon Says:

I go to the clinic as I'm on subutex.I didn't wait 4 hours off methadone,let alone 4 days.the clinic usually wants u in mild wirhdrawl,which I acted as if I was. I'm on 18 mg of subutex, and I will tell you honestly its amazing. I have no cravings for anything, I'm a 20 year opiate addict. For me going to the clinic daily saved me from being a slave to methadone or street pills, or H. for me subutex is amazing. if you don't like it you can always go back to done, but I recommend giving it a shot. good luck

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