Looking For A Pharmacy To Fill My 150 30/mg Oxycodone

jesse Says:

I went to 13 pharmacies in La to fill my prescription and every pharmacy told me they were back ordered and a couple told me they dont carry it because they have been robbed. Ive never had trouble filling it where I live in the Bay Area but I'm down here for the month. I will run out of medicine tomorrow, does anyone know regular pharmacies anywhere near la who usually stock this.

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Verwon Says:

Have you tried any local hospitals? Many of them have their own affiliated pharmacies, to fill prescriptions for their discharged patients and they are usually also open to the public. Most of them carry a very large range of medications, to accommodate such prescriptions, so you may have better luck there.

However, you will have to actually go into the pharmacy, with your prescription in hand, so they know you are a legitimate customer, with a need. Otherwise, if you just call, you'll only get more responses like the one you did about them not carrying it due to theft. They have no way of knowing if someone over the phone is a real customer or a potential thief.


Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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PHarm Says:

After going to 7 more pharmacies this weekend I was referred to go USC Medical Center. So I waited in the only line- drop off/pick-up. When I got to the front they said they can't fill it because it wasnt written to them. So I was admitted to the emergency room because the pain I was in. After being there for 8 hours a doctor saw me I showed them my prescription,told them my medical history and showed her my bottle. She said she wouldn't give me any type of medicine but they could look at my back but it would take another eight hours. I left the emergency room crying in pain. She just provided me a sheet of paper with the methadone clinics like I was doing something wrong.

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Buff Says:

Some people have no compassion. You have a legit script so why don't they just call the Dr. who wrote it? Try a large chain and if you have no luck, call the manager. If you still have no luck, get the area manager. If you're legit and in chronic pain. No large chain wants to be known as unreasonable. That would be bad business and with a little persistence, you will get your oxycodone. I was in the same boat, on vacation and the chain just called the local where I usually get it cashed. Once they confirmed it was legit I had it in less than 1 hour. Don't let anyone but your MD dictate how and when you need pain relief. For legit pain suffers this is no joke.

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MaryJane Says:

Yeah I just came back home here in GA after visiting over 75 pharmacies and had no luck filling my script of 165. I lost over 800 bucks and still haven't got my meds. I'm detoxing and I have a chronic pain issue that limits my ability to walk. Without my meds I'm pretty much paralyzed and the damn pharmacies are still out and I don't know what to do. I'm a citizen here in GA and I find it horrifying that I can't fill my legitimite script from a local dr and have to hear all the bulls*** of back order and blah blah blah because some folks can't stay in their home town and be permitted to get meds for their medical issues. I pity these people and I feel their pain but damn I live here and I can't find a pharmacy to fill my 30 mg oxycodone which I have been taking for about 3 yrs now. Has anyone got any advice for me on where to go and how the hell to handle this??? Please I'm pretty desperate and I'm sure I'm not alone in this crisis! Love to all of you and please if anyone has any news of a place that help me please let me know!!!

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Sheryl Jean Says:

You need to order them a week ahead of time. At the pharmacy you use. You should have done that where ever you are now. My pharmacy asked me to call 5 days ahead of time so they have them in stock when my day comes. I do that every month.G

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Sheryl Jean Says:

You need to order them a week ahead of time. At the pharmacy you use. You should have done that where ever you are now. My pharmacy asked me to call 5 days ahead of time so they have them in stock when my day comes. I do that every month.

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Gotem Says:

The Walgreens on W. Pico Dr always has the 30mg blues if you need in 10mins to fill

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Buff Says:

Call your Dr. Tell him the problem. If you're legit and your dr. isn't an a**hole, he should make sure you receive the medication he has deemed that you need. These pharmacists think they are God! I've had new ones filling in actually go back 6 months to make sure I wasn't getting even 1 a day too soon. Don't let them make you feel like a junkie when you're a patient in pain. You have rights, use them.

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grtdlofpain Says:

So I live in the Philadelphia area of PA. Four years ago I fell off a building doing construction. I fractured my S1, and L5, now I am in a tremendous amount of pain. while I am happy that I am still able to walk, I do so a lot of pain in my legs r radiating down my Botox, legs, and feet. This happens to be one of the few parts of your body that are un repairable. I am prescribed 180, 30mg oxycodon. The last few months have been very hard to have them filled. But this month has been the worse of all...
Day one I went to the pharmacy that I have been going to for years, they tell me,"sorry, but we are having a hard time getting them from the manufacturer, and they are one back order". So I go to every pharmacy in my area, all with the same story. Some that say that they can not get them at all anymore.
I call my orthopedic surgeon, who happens to be my pain management doctor also. I tell them my situation, and they send me on a few hour trip to go to different pharmacies that they thought would have them in stock. No luck.
I then go on a journey with the gps, to hit every chain, and mom and pop pharmacy from hours away, all the way back to my county.
They will not discuss anything that has to do with narcotics over the phone, if anyone is wondering why didn't you just do some research before the driving?!
I don't know what to do at this point, if someone could give me some helpful advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

A man in a great deal of legitimate pain!!!

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Jess Says:

I am having the exact same problem here in California, last month I didn't think I was going to get mine filled at all, took it to the same pharmacy I had been for months, all of a sudden they told me they weren't filling oxy's anymore. I said oh, you did last month, the tech said her manager told her that was what her instructions were. So I was off to search for two weeks, finally ended up getting it filled at a CVS that had told me the first time that they didn't even carry 30mg for their patients....I didn't know pharmacies had specific patients...Don't they usually want us switching to them???? Was supposed to pick up my prescription this morn, in fact pharmacist called me and told me it was ready. Mind you I dropped it off last Fri, have been out since Sun, they supposedly ordered it Mon. Was leaving the house to go pick it up and the pharmacist calls me to tell me that she can't fill because the Doctor's address is incorrect on the script, I said it's the same doctor as last month(mind you CVS filled all my scripts) just diff CVS. I gave her his office number, she called and verified and chose not to fill and said he was red flagged and told me to come pick up my prescription. Now I can't find it anywhere, every pharmacy is telling me they're out or go to your own pharmacy, I feel like they're all lying....I can't find pain relief from Norco's, they don't work!!!!

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itcouldbeworse Says:

I am also in PA and might be able to help you with your problem as long as your doctor has a good reputation.

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grtdlofpain Says:

Yes my orthopedic has a very good reputation. I have been going to see him for years, and he has performed many procedures on me.
I would be grateful for any help, or advise.

Thank you.

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Mod613 Says:

Hey I live in Effort, Pa and am having trouble finding my 30mg 120 tabs, have tried all the local pharmacys, cvs ans riteaid and to no avail. The one I normally go to said next wk, I'm honestly have to push myself to get out of bed and function. Too much pain. Please if u know of a place that carries them I would be very appreciative.

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knowdascecret Says:

Rite aid outside the city.. make nice to them and go in 5 days before ur script is due and they put em aside i think....mine r there every month...a good relationship with a pharmacist is a lifesaver. ..

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Erin Says:

Hi I was also on oxy 10mg er and norco 10 up to 6a day. Due to the new health care laws restrictions are being placed o on class II drugs due to the abuse of them. This is what eagle's told me in Texas.

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Erin Says:

I meant very hard restrictions from the new obamacare program guidelines. I'm in Dallas Texas and Walgreens advised me of this. I have to sore my id to just drop that one script off. I Ann note on Butrans patch 20mcg. Muscle relaxers and a different pain med called Nucyntin 50mg up to 5 pills power day which doesn't have the side effects as oxycotin has and has been helping manage my better. How this helps. I have dystonia spinal spindylosis not sure on spelling, stenosis of cervical, degenerative disc disease, myofascial, mylopothy, arthritis of sacrial joints, and sciatica.

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Dr oxy Says:

If you pay cash and try to fill oxycodone 30mg. That's one red flag. If doctor is out of the area where pharmacies are located. That's another one. There are many others. Pharmacists don't want their licenses revoked filling prescriptions that will end up on the street. You all should keep this one fact in mind, pharmacists are now empowered by DEA to decline filling your prescriptions if he/she thinks the prescriptions are not for legit pain whether or not they're from your regular doctors. You can call pharmacy managers, district managers or even company CEO. Ultimately it's that pharmacist's call and pharmacits will want to protect their licenses they spend 8 years to earn them.

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Bill Says:

I'm trying to find some place in the Bay Area that has Oxycodone and I can't find one. I'm running out as well. If you know of a pharmacy in the SF Bay Area, please do tell. It's so frustrating and nerve-racking because my doctor is willing to prescribe it to me, but the pharmacies say they can't get it from their distributors. So find another distributor! Please let me know what pharmacy has it. Thanks.

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Bluedude Says:

Hi Bill - I hope you have found your medication by now. I too live in SF Bay Area and am having the same issue. I was going to one Safeway where the Pharm, slandered my Dr and hassled me over time so obnoxiously, I went to another Safeway for nearly a year. They were lovely, then I took in a script for a little more, because I was having surgery on my back, and apparently the increased amount alerted someone up higher and pharm was ordered not to fill anything any more for me! My PD called corporate and higher and got no where. I got one scrip filled at Walgreens (after PD called AND took in my script personally) then they did the same thing to me - after they had been promising, for a whole week, it was on order. I'm now on methadone because I just can't handle the emotional aspect of all this discrimination. The methadone isn't really great for me. I'm lethargic, the pain is not taken care of enough to have a normal day. I have never filled a scrip early, lied, sold my medication, and have always gone to one PD - who everyone knows. . . IT is the most horrible thing that this happens. I've recently gotten a Neuro Stimulator Implant in hopes to get off all meds. . . It's not providing relief in the right area yet. The drag is Oxcy really worked for me. I'm a wife, mother of 3 and own my own biz. I am a contributing member of society. As soon as I figure out how to handle my pain, I'm taking this issue on a crusade. I'm calling newspapers and television. It's not right.

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