Looking For Dr In Oklahoma City Area That Prescribes Lorcet, Hydrocodone, Etc.

Kellee Says:

I am seeking a pain dr. in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma or surrounding area that does not treat patients as criminals for needing pain meds. Broke neck in 2007 has left lasting pain in several areas of body. The pain is always with me and is unbearable at times. Our family Dr. has notified his patients he will not be giving prescriptions for pain meds any longer due to strict guidelines and clinic board complaints.

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Kellee Says:

I have heard may Drs refer to pain-laden patients as SEEKERS. THIS IS DEGRADING AND SAD. Not all patients looking for pain meds are suffering from unbearable pain; BUT, after a patient divulges what I call "PROOF OF PAIN" with numerous testing (x-rays, mri, ct scans, results-etc) and trust their chosen physician with all pertinent information to be legally and rightfully labeled as needing the pain meds; to still be labeled as one of the "cows in the herd" because physician (due to his-her stupidity-ignorance to begin with and too arrogant to admit) chooses to ignore all evidence-- HOW SAD WE LET SUCH PRACTIONERS THROUGH THE SYSTEM TO DEGRADE THE HONEST "IN PAIN" HUMAN BEINGS. DEA did not train to prescribe our pain medication-yet they are in control according to many physicians I have visited with. How do we rid the medical profession of people that will not stand up for the pain patient AND inform DEA they do not have the training or license to practice medicine. If you know of A PAIN MANAGEMENT DR. THAT WILL LEGALLY PRESCRIBE TO VALID PAIN PATIENTS PLEASE POST.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kellee! How are you doing? I'm sorry that you're having trouble finding the help you need.

And I hate to say this, but you may be creating some of the problem yourself. If you're seeing doctors and asking for a specific medication, then that's likely the reason you're being treated this way, they are taught to view that as being drug seeking behavior.

Since the doctor is the one with the medical degree, they expect to be the one suggesting an appropriate medication, if one is required.

As annoying and inconvenient that it may be, if someone requires such medications for treating chronic pain, they are going to have to play the game according to the way the government and doctors have set the rules.

What type of doctor have you been seeing for it?

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MadMan Says:

You or anyone in your situation will need to consult with a pain management clinic. You will more than likely sign an opiate agreement and agree to random U/A's. You have to go every month to get refills and it's a pain. That is what eventually forced me to ask to be taken off them.

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Sunshine noble Says:

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She should be able to go to any doctor and ask for s certain medication when she knows what has worked for her. She knows her body better then anyone.. Doctors always guess at medications leaving us to pay many co pays and them billing our insurance thousands of dollars. I think it boils down to the doctors are money hungry and its sad. This is why so many people end up using illigal drugs just to help with their real and truly pain they have. My father was a milatary man and jumped out of airplanes hundreds of times. One time somethi g went wrong and his back and kneck was messed up very bad. He had hell getting medicine to help him.. He was told to take Tylenol !!!!! That wad plain ridiculous... He was in so much pain, he ended his own life..

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Cat lady Says:

Re: MadMan (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I have been fortunate. I see a regular doctor. No pain contract or drug panels. I have CRPS and MS.

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LA Says:

Re: Kellee (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know if you haven't found a good pain doctor leave me a msg cuz my PM in Broken Arrow
doctor's have opened up 6 more locations including Sallisaw, if that's close to you!? I had a debilitating injury in 08 and have been on meds since then and these guy's are awesome!! Treated with the utmost respect and not at all like a drug seeker!!

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Kim Says:

Looking for a doctor around OKC, or a online doc or even a website that can submit a prescription?

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Nici Says:

Re: Kim (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Any luck by chance? Moving to broken arrow soon and need to find a pm doctor

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