Long Term Effects Of Mirtazapine



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Roger Says:

I started taking 15 mg of Mirtazapine a month ago and for anxiety, feelings of fear and worry and depression. I’m still feeling some worry and fear. I’m having some bad dreams and very over anxious. I’m having headaches and constipation. These dreams are the worst. Do these side effects get less powerful over time?

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Paul Says:

Many people on Mirtazapine report a worsening of their symptoms of anxiety and depression in the early weeks of starting Mirtazapine (same as many other anti-depressants).

It can take several weeks for the drug to begin working and then symptoms improve. Mirtazapine usually works faster than newer SSRI anti-depressants (many people report improvements between 2-5 weeks). However some people may need their dosage adjusting to get the full benefit. Doctors normally start at the lowest dosage (15mg) and then increase in 15mg increments every 4 weeks up to 45mg.

Vivid dreams and gastric disturbances, as well as eating more and rapid weight gain are very common side effects with Mirtazapine.

I can say, as a patient who is currently taking Mirtazapine at 45mg and into my 3rd month of treatment, that the side-effects (apart from appetite stimulation and weight gain) do lessen after the first month, my dreams remain more vivid but are not nightmares or unpleasant, but at the start of treatment I had some unpleasant vivid dreams.

I have not found Mirtazapine a complete solution for treating anxiety and depression. Not yet anyway. It does take the edge off anxiety and helps stabilize mood swings over time I find. I guess only time will tell if it's an effective treatment as I have only just been taking 45mg for 2 weeks now, although this is now my third month. I think of all the anti-depressants (and I've tried many) this one is probably the most well tolerated and effective of them all, but the weight gain is a problem for me so I'm not sure it would be suitable long-term unless the weight gain from compulsive eating stops.

My doctor said people respond differently and it's a case of your body adjusting and finding the sweet spot dosage that works well. He said not to worry too much about weight gain, as once people get relief from depression they generally become physically active/start exercising and the weight will come off.

I think you should not worry too much. The first month on Mirtazapine can be a little rough as your body adjusts. What you can do is split your dose in half to lessen the side effects, i.e. take 7.5mg approximately 3-4 hours apart (or longer if it doesn't make you sleepy). Some people are very sensitive to drugs (anti-depressants especially) so starting at a very low dose and gradually working up or splitting the lowest dose (15mg) into two doses can help lessen the side effects. I discussed this with my Doctor and he agreed.

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Roper Says:

Re: Paul (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I've been on 45mg for 3 and 1/2 years because I was still waking during the night and sever depression and Anxiety during the day hours my Dr.placed me on 500mg of Welburtin in the morning and now the combination works I was suffering from PTSD now I live a normal life Remeron is not the drug of choice for everybody discuss your problem with your MD

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Charlene Says:

Re: Roper (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I have also been on remeron for at least 15 years, I cut my 45mg in half along with seroquel 50mg. My son's dr.put him on it to.she told me that remeron works somewhat differently than other medications. Meaning the lower the dose works better for evening time sleep, and if one is prescribed 45mg it has an opposite effect meaning it would keep you awake so 15mg actually works best if your taking it as a sleep aid

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Charlene Says:

I have taken remeron 15mg along with seroquel 50mg for many years now and I have never had a problem with it. A doctor told me for this particular medication it has different effects as a 45mg most would take that much of a larger dose during the day time, because it has opposite effects smaller doses work best for sleep and a large dose would be taken in the daytime. Because I guess lower doses have effects of sleep and larger doses can actually keep you awake. She said taking venlafaxine alongside with the two meds makes a great combination for sleep, DEPRESSION and anxiety disorder she said buspirone 30mg x3..

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