Lo Loestrin Fe Abnormal Periods

BlueHen Says:

I started taking Lo Loestrin Fe on July 2nd, 2012. I was previously on Beyaz for about a year until my yearly checkup with my gynecologist. She switched me to Lo Loestrin Fe because of all of the recent blood clot and legal scares with Beyaz. Anyway, on Beyaz, I was used to having a VERY regular period that started the morning of my last pill in the pack. I was expecting to get my period on the same day as usual with Lo Loestrin Fe, but I have never actually bled. All that I have been shedding is a thick, brown substance. This was normal in the beginning and end of my periods on Beyaz, but on Lo Loestrin Fe, I have never actually had a normal period. I don't know if this is because of the hormonal differences in the pills or if I am pregnant. It is currently 2 days after I should have had my period, and I am extremely scared. My boyfriend and I never used any other contraception because Beyaz worked so well for me, but I'm afraid that Lo Loestrin Fe isn't working with my body like it should and I am pregnant, or if it is just making my periods different than usual. I am planning on taking a pregnancy test, but I would like expert opinion on the situation just to be sure. PLEASE HELP!

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Verwon Says:

It is most likely that you are just reacting differently to the change in hormones from the new contraceptive tablets, it is completely normal to do so and to experience unusual bleeding during your cycle.

Learn more oral contraceptive details here.

If you didn't actually miss any pills, then there's less than a 1% chance that you're pregnant. However, if you are that concerned, then by all means do a test and put your mind at ease.

However, you should also probably contact your doctor to talk to them about this and see about trying a different pill.

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BlueHen Says:

I take my pill religiously at 10:15 every single night. I have NEVER missed a pill. My only concern is that my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex during the first week of switching from Beyaz to Lo Loestrin Fe, but I was NEVER off of birth control. I'm only worried because I have always had very regular periods, and now all of the sudden they're way different on this new pill. I'm probably just freaking out because of this.
Thanks for the reassurance, Verwon!

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Maria Says:

BlueHen, this reply is probably pointless since this topic is a bit old, but I just wanted to let you know that I've had many of the same problems regarding my period on Lo Loestrin Fe, so you really aren't alone! I just finished my third pack of it; the first month, I got my period in the middle of the blue pills, and it was still pretty heavy. Second month, the same thing more or less happened, though it was a bit lighter. This month, I had a two-day "period" that was really just an extremely small amount of dark blood during the blue pills, and absolutely nothing after taking all the placebo pills. To me it seems like the pill has been gradually reducing my period to nothing, though I will obviously see what month 4 does next. However, I've also had unprotected sex with my boyfriend several times on this pill, and no pregnancy so far! I think it's very reliable as long as you take it every day, which it sounds like you do, and it just takes some adjustment on your body's part.

You can take a pregnancy test to ease your mind just in case, but I agree with Verwon that it's extremely unlikely since you take it religiously. Keep in mind that if you take certain antibiotics, they can interfere with the pill's effectiveness too (you may already know this or it may not apply to you, but it's worth throwing out there since I would've panicked after not knowing!). I wish you the best. :)

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sinead nikola Says:

Hello po? I just wanna ask, user ako ng exluton, nag start ako ng 3mnths old c baby, ok nman po pero nag try ako ng depo kasi kakapagod mag pills and after ng depo nag iba ako ng pills MACROGYNON ba yun? nka ubos ako ng 3packs tapos hndi ako hiyang kasi 3-4days lang ung mens ko, nasanay kasi ako sa exluton and depo na 1week ung menstration or 5-6days kaya bumalik ako ng exluton, NAGTATAKA LANG AKO PAG BALIK KO IN TAKING EXLUTON, 3TABLETS NA LANG PO NATITIRA PERO HINDI PA RIN DINADATNAN, I SWEAR WALA AKO NA MISS NA TABLET, PARANOID NA PO AKO BAKA BUNTIS AKO, DI NA AKO MKATULOG, IM NOT READY PA PO MASUNDAN C BABY KAHIT 1YR. AND 3MNTHS NA XA.. SANA PO MAY MKA PAG ADVICE SA AKIN DITO.. MARAMING SALAMAT PO :)

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Sabrina Says:

I was on this for a year. In December I was going on a cruise so I intentionally went off the pill for a week (two weeks earlier than I would have normally got it) to get my period, in January I had a very light, 4 day period ( lighter than normal). At the end of January I missed a 4 pills, I threw away my pack and waited to start my next pack when I started my period... But now I have had my period for 2 weeks. Is this normal since I messed up the pills?

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Hannah G Says:

Been on Lo loestrin fe for a month now and on the 1st brown pill i got some light blood spotting but then only brown discharge for about 2-3 days. Was that my period? Please help!

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Poppy Says:

If i start my first packet of loestrin pills several days before my period, will it delay my period?

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