List Of Sulfur Based Antibiotics

vanessa Says:

i have a ppd allergy and cannot take sulphur based medicine, i was on a course of amoxycillin which made my face swell as they use sunset yellow which is a sulphur based dye in the capsule, i went back the docs and she gace me flucloxacillin which are in a red and grey capsule, they too have coulourings in them, i need to know if any of the ingredients are sulphur based, can u please help as im afraid to take them

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Verwon Says:

Can you post back with the markings on them?

Flucloxacillin is a generic and is manufactured by several different companies, thus the ingredients can vary and I can't provide you with any specific details, without knowing who manufactured the capsules you have.

Learn more Flucloxacillin details here.

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Charlie Says:

It is very rare to have an allergy to Sulfur... your alergy is from "sulpha" drugs!! Sulfur is a required element in the body and as much as I have researched I have not found Anyone actually allergic to Sulfur (element 16) a mineral.. Sulpha drugs and derivatives are pharma mfg products, There is no money in sulfur so processed pharma products are causing allergies.. the use of antibiotics exacerbates the allergy reaction. The use of Sulfur will give the same relief from "boils and other skin" problems as the cream of tarter sulfur tablets. There are MANY uses of sulfur to correct problems.

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Tanya Says:

I too am allergic to sulphur / sulpha based antibiotics and this was told to me by my doctor. I was given bactrim and my throat and face swelled up. The dr said it was because of the sulphur in it. A dentist prescribed me erythromycin several years later as I told him I had allergy to sulphur and had same reaction the dr who treated me confirmed this also has sulphur in it. I also have a slight reaction of swelling around eyes and feel sick when I eat foods or drink wine with preservative 202, 210, 211 which are sulphur dioxide preservatives. There is a huge percentage of the population allergic to sulphur. The one antibiotic I can safely take is Vibramycin. I used to be able to take amoxicillin but was too scared to take it since I have a sensitivity to others.

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Charlie Says:

Re the discussion about Sulfur allergies... It is virtually impossible to be allergic to "Sulfur" ,the element 16 The body requires sulfur. The confusion is due to the similar names of Sulpha, sulfites, sulfates etc as compounded as/in Pharmaceutical products. Actually Sulfur ,the element 16 has been taken for thousands of years!! for skin problems and ,actually without knowing why, to reduce infectious problems.. It is taken in small quantities orally. and also used directly on skin infections, wounds etc.. A form called "Cream of Tarter Sulfur tablets" There is a small possibility of a reaction to the cream of tarter (used as binder) depending on the derived material (wine based ) used by the wine maker for "improved time of production" The pure Sulfur (element 16) can reduce a lot of inflammation problems ,too many to go into here. The major problem is getting sulfur through our normal food supply is no longer easy. by taking a small amount a lot of common ailments are reduced or eliminated. Antibiotics are given when they are not necessary. people are taking them almost like aspirin. and the medical field is reaping vast revenues!! I repeat " no one is allergic to pure sulfur, element 16!! The body requires it! It is a natural Antibacterial....
You can test for the allergic response by conducting a modified "shick" test which is to irritate the skin on your inner arm above the wrist, then wetting the small area and placing a small amount of "sulfur Powder on the area to see if there is an allergic reaction.. In over 50 years I have "NEVER" had an allergic reaction for hundreds of people, due to the sulfur...

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Julie Says:

Is orindazole sulpha based? It didn't sound very safe to use. I also use anti histamine and sleeping pills I don't think I shoukd have been prescribed it what do you think

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Charlie Says Says:

If you can obtain the actual element "16", Sulfur, the mineral you can run a simple diagnostic to check for allergic reactions!! It appears people are using pharma based sulphur tablets and complaining about the sulfur: reactions.. Allergic reactions to actual sulfur (pure) is very rare. In using it for over 60+ years not one reaction... The problem is when the Pharma co's modify or process the Sulpha drugs they modify it to be able to set a price as sulfur cannot be patented... All the problems listed seem to be Pharma concocted modified sulfur, which by the way is the most combinative element (makes connections with elements) In the body it is used to odorize waste for an obvious reason as sulfur di oxide (so2) ect. Try the element 16 (sulfur as pure) for getting help with skin problems some IBS problems, as sulfur is an natural antibacterial. But to the point, try a diagnostic to verify any allergic reactions. Do your research, many thousands of GI's during world war ll used pure sulfur powder to keep bacteria from infecting wounds plus other problems. I never heard of ANY problems with allergies... more information is available just do your RSH.. Remember the problem is not the sulfur but how the pharma's process it. Pure sulfur can be a solution to many problems when used properly with careful application, Helps with arthritis pain.. Sulfur is a benefit when used properly... research info is avail online!!

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Stavros Says:

Baloney! People are allergic to sulfur, hell some people are allergic to sunshine.

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Charlie Says:

This about says it all.. Read and understand that Sulfur,(s16) works for skin problems and is ,as stated a natural antibacterial.. small amounts < 1/8 tsp taken orally, can help with skin infections or bacterial infections when applied directly to the skin affected area.. Sulfur is naturally in the body.. tissue is made with it. A reduction of joint and back pain using Sulfur may be realized using Sulfur orally in small amounts,(pinch) of pure 99.5% Do your research!!! available on line.. MSM is a usable version.. Apply directly to Skin Bacteria!!! infections.. More later...

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M M Says:

Re: Charlie (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I am allergic to sulfur. told years ago by more than one doctor that I am allergic to myself and that is one of the reasons. Controlled with allergy meds. Meds with sulfur cause anaphylaxis. Docs have said a person can be allergic to anything. thanks for your post though. all comments help.

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