Lisinopril And Potassium Interval

spinozist Says:

I take lisinopril twice daily (once at breakfast and once 12 hours later). You are not supposed to eat foods with lots of potassium while taking lisinopril, but how long can you safely wait AFTER taking the pill to safely eat high-potassium foods? I take metoprolol at the same time, and it must be taken with food.

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Verwon Says:

There is no safe time frame that can be quoted to you. It is just best to avoid them, as much as possible, and see your doctor regularly, so they can do blood work to check your levels, when appropriate, according to FDA directives.

When your levels are checked, your doctor should be able to tell you if you need to continue avoiding such foods, or if you can indulge in them more.

For example, after having suffered full congestive heart failure, it was discovered that my body does not store potassium, so we have to deliberately elevate my levels, using both foods and medications.

Are you on any other medications?

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spinozist Says:

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As I said in my initial note, I am also on metoprolol (25 mg twice a day) and lipitor generic, (10 mg once a day). Also, an 81 mg aspirin daily. That's it. This grouping worked well for several years, but recently the BP jumped. (The systolic; the diastolic stays low because of a leaky aortic valve.) The lisinopril dosage was quadrupled (from 2.5 mg once a day to 5 mg twice a day), and that brought the systolic back down. However, it still tends to jump up considerably if I ingest too much sodium. Hard to control sodium levels if you like to eat good-tasting food.

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