Lisinopril And Hair Regrowth After Discontinuing

WH Says:

Over the last few months my hair has gotten very thin, brittle, and I’m shedding a LOT. My doctor said it was probably hormones and my age (45 yo female). I started taking Biotin and special shampoos, but they didn’t help. Recently I started digging into the Lisinopril side effects and hair loss is cited. I told my doctor and she told me to discontinue. Has anyone had hair loss on this med, then regrowth after discontinuation?

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David Says:

Dear WH,

Sorry to hear about your hair loss. Based on my own investigation, hair loss isn't "officially" listed by the manufacturer or drug labeller as a side effect of Lisinopril. However, there are numerous mentions of this occurring in patient reviews, so I would consider its consumers to be a worthy citation in my book. I suppose it's difficult to know when or how quickly hair regrowth happens, without knowing the extent of damage that Lisinopril may or may not have caused, but I hope that you find an effective solution to this serious problem soon, and if you do, please don't hesitate to post back so that other patients may benefit from your experience. Black castor oil might be worth looking into as well.


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WH Says:

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Thanks for the reply, David. You are correct in that hair loss ‘cited’ was on user reviews, quite a few at that. I’ve heard about the castor oil, maybe I’ll give it a try too.

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