Terry Reminder Says:

I am concerned about taking both prescriptions, as I am tired all the time. I tell my Dr., but he says if it keeps the pressure down keep taking them. Just wondered if I am the only one out there feeling this way.

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christy frey Says:

no i feel the same way very tired all the time can not even clean house

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Verwon Says:

That is a nornal side effect for these, it should, however, wear off after a few weeks as your body adjusts to the med and the change in your blood pressure. If it doesn't, then please speak to your doctor again and make sure to stress how severe it is.

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kim barkley Says:

i also take both medicines norvasac and linsopril. I just started and yes, it makes me tired.

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Mike Says:

I take Lisinopril/HCTZ, Lipitor,
and Norvasc (1 year). I've been running for years, but can barley run 5 minutes without back and leg pain. I'm asking my doctor again if this could be my problam.

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christy frey Says:

yes i am feeling the same way very tired no energy at all and my ankles are still swelling like very bad and i am only 42 and have been on this medication for about 2 years they say it will get better when you get adjusted to the meds but thats not true because after 2 years you would think you were adjusted and i work for a family doctor i am also on toprol and synthroid and lipitor

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christy frey Says:

does this med also cause leg pain maybe thats why my legs have been hurting they also feel like an electrical stimulation at times has anyone every experienced this before

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Jeanne Says:

My doctor put me on Norvacs and Lisiniprol and they made me so sick I had to get off of both of them. I had flu like symtoms no energy to do anything depressed and did you know that norvacs can also cause psychosis? I also got a cough and a sinus infection from the lisiniprol. I am very scared to take any medicines now. I always look at the side effects if I am not feeling well with my meds. If you have any side effects with your meds you need to be persistent with your doctor I was. Now I am on a small dose of a diuretic which I just started taking as of today and no more norvacs or lisiniprol. Please you do not have to suffer on medications that make you ill. Doctors can change them. Be persistent.

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MEL Says:

I have been on this drug for just one week and am seeing my DR. as I’m so tired I can’t function and my mental ability is gone. I even sometimes have trouble finishing a sentence. I also have a rash, and other complaints.

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James Says:

I have been taking Lisinopril and Norvasc in combination now for 4 years. Initially it drastically reduced my endurance and made everything much harder. It took a good year to get back to where I was before but I think I am there. Ran a 21:15 5 K this summer. OK for a 47 yr old weekend warrior. Give it a good try, the health benefits are worth it.

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david crance Says:

have been on topel and norvast for three years. tiresd all the time. terrible pain in the toes and legs. appears to be nerves.

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mike Says:

on linsinopril and by thigh and knees in terrible pain thought it was dehydration but no matter how much I drink I am thirsty. Any reccomendations. Also tired all the time with headaches I never had before in my life. 53 years young male.

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paula Says:

i have been taking norvasc for 2 years 10mg and bisocor 10 mg.for a week and before bisocor i was taking cpversyl. i am always tired i thought it might be menopause. i have pain in my left leg. i also have chronic sinus. i am not well at all. can you please help.

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Brenda Purnell Says:

I take Lisnopril and norvasc 5mg. I haven't had any problems wit it. However, One concern I do have is itching all the time. I think it comes from the medicine. I ran out of my 5mg. My friend had some extras 10mg. I hope I am doing the right thing breaking the pill so I won't have to go without my pill.

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buzzjane Says:

I am on .10mg. of lisinopril and .20 of amlodipine, and find I am fatigued too, but also often cannot sleep at nite in spite of that...what a mess that makes with my schedule. I stay on it tho because I have a rare platelet disease and it is doing what it is supposed to do. Never realized it might be a separate side-effect. Have you had your iron levels checked too? Mine was low and since taking supplements, my hemoglobin has gone up to near normal and it helped some.

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Robert Says:

I just started amlodipine...I have had anxiety problems for years PTS...I was on lisinopril for years and years...I think it started interacting with Surmontil which I was also on for years... was drinking vodka and my body finally said ENOUGH toxic the mean time my blood pressure went crazy high...even after I stopped all my addictions...I couldnt take the antidepressant yet was sick from not taking it...lisinopril made the blood pressure higher...the more I took the higher it the ER...not having a heart attack at least the EKG was blood pressure meds for 2 days...blood pressure was normal..go figure....then all of a sudden pressure was crazy high...chest pain again...jaw pain...kidneys hurt from the high blood pressure...started taking small amounts of clonidine...worked until HR went to 50 bpm...more chest pain...long story short lisinopril only slightly made me tired in the beginning...the hydrochlorothiazide was another story...that makes you tired...the amlodipine is evening out the blood pressure swings...however when it gets into my system...about 1-2 hrs.. I am getting some slight palpitations..its not making me tired as I have increased my workout by 30%...the bottom line that is hard to avoid ...and comes back at you for years...stress kills.....avoid all caffiene...dont smoke....dont drink excessively....
love yourself...

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Beverly Says:

I am a 55 years female, and have doing power walks at lunch for 40 to 50 minutes every day at work for the last three years. and then all of a sudden, my 55 birthday has arrived! : ( I statted getting dizzy and really bad nasusa! went to the doctor, he put me on Lisinopril of 5 mg, about two later, my blood pressure shot sky high of 190/94, wow, I went to the E.R. layed down for three hours, the did not give me anything! went to my primary doctor the very next day. he put on Lisinoril of 20 mgs. bp readings still high!, it also gave me a Norvasec (amlodipine of hopefully starting tomorrow morning, will take the two (combination) will help reduce my blood pressure down and also get rid of high aniexty that I been having at night. sleepless nights for a week! what do you think. also thirsty, urinatating throughtout the night, still kinda of lightheaded, little nasusa, that comes and go. what do you think?

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Tina Says:

I am taking Norvasc 10 mg 1 x a day since Oct 08. BP is fine but I have had this horrible taste in my mouth and have lost my sense of smell. Anyone else?

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msaharley Says:

Lisinopril has given me severe muscle ache, shortness of breath, fatique, and bloody nose. I was given this medication for high blood pressure. I have been trying to get it out of my system and still after 3 days I feel so fatiqued and achey. I would advise no one take this mediction. They do not stress the side effets enough. I am 60, and untill I took this medication I felt fine. I am going to start with a diet change and excercise more, I weigh 130 and am 5;2 .

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Rayman Says:

My BP was 180/102 fairly regular and my DRput me on Lisinopril 40 mg 1 year ago. I started having severe bloating and gas problems which I thought was from a change in my diet. I also noticed my stool was very loose. My BP stayed around 150/90. Finally DR put me on Norvasc 10 mg due to Raynauds and reduced Lisinopril to 20 mg. I noticed my gas problems were less. Then Dr told me to split both my Lisinopril & Norvasc and take half in morning and half at night. My symptoms are much better, still some gas but not severe. Now BP is 119/70 most always. I have had some leg problems as mentioned in another post, like a nerve is being stuck inplace, but usually only when I'm sitting at work for long time. I have not been tired, but I stay active and run and lift weights 3-4 times a week so I am use to pushing through most tired problems then I feel more energized.

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Nikki Says:

I take Norsvac daily, and sometimes Lisinopril when my blood pressure is high. I am tired, constant headaches with occassional palpitation. I plan to go alternative medicine.

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