Lisinopril And Losartan Similar Reactions

Kathy Says:

My doctor placed me on lisinopril, which caused constant coughing, heart racing, anxiety, chest pain, belching and a lump-like feeling in my throat. She thought it might be an allergy reaction and so put me on losartan. The cough and chest pain were relieved, but the belching and lump-like feeling in my throat continued. Is there a common ingredient in both that might be responsible for this? Once off the losartan for a month, I was feeling 99% better, but BP started to rise again. I took half of a 25 mg tablet and within one hour the belching and throat discomfort returned. On a side note, I also have a reaction to Septa with severe nausea.

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Verwon Says:

There is a very good chance that the belching and lump like feeling in your throat are due to excess stomach acid, the medications may be contributing to that, if you took them on an empty stomach.

Another thing you have to be careful to do is to take them with a full, 8 ounce glass of water, unless your doctor instructs you not to do so, for some reason. The water helps to ensure that they don't linger in your throat to cause irritation.

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If you're not comfortable with these ones, there are many other blood pressure medications that you can try. Two that are known to cause fewer such side effects are Carvedilol and Labetalol.

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Alternatively, you could try to get your blood pressure under control with a strict diet and lots of exercise, but that does take some time and you may need a medication in the meantime. So, you might want to ask your doctor about the ones I mentioned.

Do you get heartburn on a regular basis?

Did you take the medications with or without food?

What is your normal diet like, do you eat a lot of acidic or spicy foods?

Do you eat a lot of fatty and/or salty foods?

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Dan302 Says:

I was switched from Coumadin to Pradaxa last year, now my Dr. has prscribed Xaretto to replace Pradaxa. Is one better than the other, what are differences in the later two - not interested in going back to the coumadin.

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Grace Says:

Please see your doctor about this lump in throat because it could be a serious side effects resulting from this class of drug. Your doctor might want to switch you to a different drug from a different class. All the best,

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Kathy Says:

Thanks for your reply. I am off this medication now. It was kind of a wake-up call. Because I do not want to go back on any BP medication unless absolutely necessary, I started following a very healthy diet and exercise program. I have lost over 10 pounds, my blood pressure is looking great and I'm feeling great!

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Pam Says:

Same issue. Lisinopril 10 mg causing excessive sweating, excessive coughing, nausea, vomiting, After just a one week on this med, he changed me to Lasartan 50 mg. How different are the side effects.

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David Says:

I took 25 mg of Losartan one day then a 50 mg the next day, I developed a lump in my throat I went to ER they ran a Upper GI CT and a Scope nothing still had the lump however the hospital was giving me Losartan once I got home I stop taking it 4 days later I felt great. I gave it another shot took a 50 mg this morning the lump is back like before I wish I had pulled this up and read it before I took another round! Funny thing I went to my PM and told what was happening he has not a clue as to the side effects. I'm changing Doctors!

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Roxie Says:

I have had an endoscopy done because of the horrible lump in my throat that the doctor said was acid reflux. The endoscopy revealed that I don't have acid reflux nor do I have any allergies. The latest doctor said it is from the lisinopril.

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