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Ann Says:

My 62yro boyfriend is having muscle pains in shoulder, shuffling at night, exhausted, leg cramps, feet hurt, tingling, some memory loss, slurring of words and I am soooooooooo worried! I need testimonies, doctors articles against lipitor anything to prove to him it is stealing his health. People say he walks like an old man. His tendon snapped and he couldn't walk on his foot. He jerks when h e sleeps and I cry nearly every night because I need something, an article, someone to call him, something, a miracle to get him off this horrible drug. I have pics of him where his shoulders have changed and he looks so much older. Help is needed.

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Verwon Says:

It sounds like he might be having some of the regular side effects of this class of drugs, plus possibly some more serious ones, such as Rhabdomyolysis.

this site is not medical professionals and cannot say for certain, but he really needs to read more information and consult with his doctor. It may not be the drug, it could all be caused by something else, but a doctor needs to run some tests to find out.


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Marcharino Says:

Muscle aches (myalgia) and the breakdown of muscle (rhabdomyolysis), are common side effects of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, or stains, as they are commonly known. He needs to visit his physician immediately, and there are alternate medications that may not affect him as his current product.

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Mike Says:

This site may help:


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Tampa Health Care Examiner Says:

For latest on Lipitor research, go to

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