Linzess Interferes With Thyroid Medication

Belly Says:

After taking linzess for 8 months I gained 20 pounds and developed every symptom for hypothyroidism again. For the past 12 years I have been on synthroid 75. I have not had any hypothyroid symptoms once I began taking synthroid until taking the linzess medication. I stopped taking linzess and hoping it will exit my body quickly so my synthroid meds will begin working again. Why don't doctors tell you it prevents your thyroid meds from working? Why don't they tell you it will make you gain weight? I just hope I can get my thyroid and my weight under control again.

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Belly Says:

A follow up on my hypothyroidism symptoms that was caused by Linzess: dr ran a TSH, T4, and a T3 blood test and the results showed I was on the low end but still within the acceptable range of the T3, the T4 and TSH were all within the acceptable ranges. Dr said Even though I stopped Linzess last week that it could remain in my system another week or so. I am still experiencing all the symptoms of hypothyroidism as of today. The current thinking is that Linzess caused all of these symptoms and when it completely exits my body then the hypothyroidism symptoms should go away. I am 70 years old and live in the USA. I am taking over the counter meds for my IBS severe constipation. The dr says if I am still experiencing hypothyroidism symptoms after another 2 weeks from today to return and dr will increase the strength of my synthroid medicine.

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David Says:

Hi Belly,

Sorry to hear about your experience with Linzess.

RE: "Why don't doctors tell you it prevents your thyroid meds from working? Why don't they tell you it will make you gain weight?"

Despite all their medical knowledge, I honestly get the sense that a lot of doctors don't actually know all the effects and interactions that may be possible with this and many other medications.

Drug companies seem to put out new drugs every year and I doubt most doctors are able to keep up with their in-depth research while trying to provide care for hundreds of patients. Nevertheless, I feel that it should still be within the doctor's realm of responsibility to inform their patient of potential side effects & risk factors prior to writing a prescription for anything at all. Or at the very least, offer you a pamphlet with additional drug information. To not do so just sounds like neglect.

I hope you're getting around to feeling better now that it's been a while since you posted. Thanks for giving us all a heads up on the potential drug interactions!

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Tubbs Says:

I've been having the same issues for at least the past 6 months. I've been on synthroid for 24 yrs and been on linzess for 8 months. I couldn't put a finger on why I was getting so heavy but this makes a lot of sense now.

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