Linzess In Morning And Night

vanessa Says:

First time I tried it as prescribed once in the morning luck.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Vanessa! How are you? I'm sorry it didn't work for you.

Did you make sure to take it on an empty stomach, with just water, at least a half hour before eating?

Sometimes, people haven't been receiving the proper instructions with their prescriptions, so they don't know they have to take it that way.

The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, bloating and diarrhea.

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Charley Says:

Reading some of the comments may be my answer. I take Linzess 30 minutes before breakfast and can go nowhere for 3 or 4 hours because of sudden diarrhea - so embarrassing! My hope is taking it at bedtime like a few said may be my answer. Pharmacists and doctors know little but trial & error. I even called the Linzess makers and they couldn't tell me anything but to talk to my doctor or pharmacist. I'm thankful for this site.

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Charley Says:

I've had to adjust mine. I tried it in the morning but it worked too well and too long. So reading what some others said I tried it in the evening after going without food after lunch. I was through with it by bedtime. Strangely since I started it that way I've not had to take it for 5 or 6 days - normal movements.

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Charley Says:

After 5 months of bad IBSC I got LINZESS. At first I had diarrhea then I went from 144mg to 72. I read where some were told to take it at night and I did that for a while then gong on a trip I decided to only use it every few days. It worked and now I'm completely off of it and am regular. Of course I've cut out some things I know make constipation worse and am eating a few prunes at night and am taking a good product of probiotics and drinking a lot of water and juices.

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Charley Says:

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Well, I guess I can sing the praises of LINZESS because after using it for a few months I started going longer between pills and now I'm off of them entirely. This after 6 months of misery and then gradually getting off. Now I'm completely regular. I am trying to eat less flour products too and that seems to help me. I'm keeping my pills though - just in case.

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