Limcee Vitamin C Tablets 500mg

sonal Says:

Does limcee vitamin C chewable tablets (500 mg) contain rose hips or bioflavonoids in it? Please reply soon. It's really urgent.

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David Says:

Hi sonal,

Based on my research, Limcee Vitamin C Tablets manufactured by Nicholas Piramal India Ltd. (NPIL), only contain 500mgs of Vitamin C and nothing else.

There are many other Vitamin C supplements that do contain rose hips and bioflavonoids, but this one doesn't.

You can learn more about this vitamin on the page for Vitamin C Details

I hope this info helps!

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loo Says:

can limcee vitamin c cause miscarriage at 2 months pregnancy?

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Prince Says:

My wife is pregnant from 4 weeks, we don't want child so she is taking Limcee 500mg tablets (6000 mg/day) for miscarriage. is this successive or not? please reply soon.

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doll Says:

Hi I'm pregnant one and a half months n married too and have a baby of seven months old that is the reason I want to abbort the second child so pls suggest me some names of the tablets that can cause miscarriage at home itself.we are not ready for the second child right now pls reply as soon as possible pls pls pls

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priyanka Says:

I am 4 week pregnant and I m not ready to give birth to child as I m not married so limcee vitamin c chewable tablet 500mg will Iit help me to miscarriage?? And what should be the doses??

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muneer Says:

Through limcee vitamin c can my colour fair...? Reply me fast plzzzz....

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NM Says:

My periods are delayed by 8 days. Can I use Limcee 500mg to induce it.

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priyanka gupta Says:

dr has suggested me to take limcee 8 tabs per day can i have it...or any side effects.

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Suman Says:

Can we give the limcee chewing tablet to a 10 year old child?

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geeta Says:

I am 1month pregnant.i no need baby this plz help me..

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