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Jenifer Says:

I have very severe and advance DDD and have been taking MS-Contin which has been helpful. However I always have severe pain every time I walk around 15 steps or so due to severe muscle spasms. For 12 years the only relief I would get would be to stop walking and try to stretch the muscle in my back and the spasms. After a few more yards I would have to stop walking again. I have been on every muscle relaxant that has ever been made with no help. I am at a point that I will soon need a wheelchair when I leave my home. This past weekend I had a chance to try Lidocaine patches and I could not believe when I started to walk my pain was gone. While my doctor has no problem writing a prescription for them my Medicare part D provider (Cigna) will not pay for them because the FDA has only approved them for pain dealing with shingles. They will pay for the ointment but I cannot reach the places it needs to go on my back. I live alone so I do not have anyone to put this stuff on me every 2-3 hours. There are tons of medication that are out there that are being used for other medical condition then what the FDA first approved them for. This whole thing has to do with cost and I do not have the money to buy them. The company has a program to provide the patches for free for those who cannot afford them and insurance does not cover it but only for those who are having pain relating to shingles. Has anyone on Medicare gotten there Part D provider to pay for these patches when used for other reasons? Any help with study results would also be helpful. Thanks

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Terrain2017 Says:

Do the 4% Lidoderm/Lidocaine patches work just as good as the 5%? I have used the 5% but never the 4%. I can get either one online over-the-counter.

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Terrain2017 Says:

I saw your post did you have any luck with getting the patches? did your insurance end up covering them?

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