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am taking lexapro for high bp is anyone else using

I am trying to find out if anyone is taking lexapro for symtoms other than depression? ## Hey I am Taking Lexapro They are giving it to me for depression and bipolar I am now taking 40 mg of it which can increase the risk of ceasures lol i cant spell that but it wont work for me if i take any less along with 1500 mg of depicoat and 30 mg adderol xr so i can concentrate also. So I take the lexapro to stablize my mood depression and it helps me concentrate all 3 together work well. How are you taking it? Weve tried at least 30 different meds and ive been to the hospital 4 time and day treatment 3 times and thats the only combination thats even worked for me.! ## I have hypertension which is better controlled with 20 mg of Lexapro, than before taking lexapro.

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Lexapro Worked for Me

Lexapro is a miracle for me. I have a panic disorder for being in small groups or large crowds. Those panic attacks have disappeared. My energy level is low but I feel much more positive. I tried to commit suicide twice in the last year but I don't have those thoughts anymore. I was on Webutrin and Prozac until two months ago. Lexapro has turned my life around. ## what does it look like ?? ## It's small&medium size white round pill. Small is 10mg Med.is 20mg. I was on it & it worked good for me... ## lexapro has wo0rked great for me i am not having bad anxiety attack and i am sleeping great at night.i also have had nosexual side effects ## I clicked the 'report abuse by mistake on gary dated 7/2/05. I didn't know what it referred to so I clicked to read about it ...

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