Levoxyl And Warnings Of Different Thyroid Medications Ingredients!

DeeAnnita Says:

Hashimotos thyroiditis patients beware of the fillers and Crospovidone/Povidones in your thyroid medications! I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis over 20 years ago and I took Levoxy that whole time and did great on that brand of medication. Levoxyl was taken off the market as everyone knows back in 2013 and that was the start of my throid hell! I was switched to Levothyroxine by Lannett- Walgreens brand. I had a very bad allergic reaction due to the iodine and acacia in the pill. Then I switched to levothyroxine by mylan- Target Store brand and I had another bad allergic reaction due to the Crospovidone and Povidones (non organic iodine) in the pill. Finally I discovered Levoxy is back on the market again so I rushed out to change my medicine back to levoxyl. Come to find out some patients that have Hashimotos Thyroiditis can be very sensitive even allergic to Iodine and Acacia! Many endocrinologist advise their patients to stay way from Iodine and any foods that contain Iodine. Iodine can actually inflame the thyroid even more in some patients. I have had great success using Levoxyl with no side effects. I pray it never goes off the market again!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, DeeAnnita! How are you?

Yes, iodine is a risk for those with Hashimoto's, due to the fact that it stimulates TPO, which is the site of an autoimmune attack. I've very sorry about what you went through, but I'm very glad that you're doing better.

As to the Acacia, it tends to stimulate TH-2 and can cause problems for those that are TH-2 dominant.

For anyone else curious, I can confirm that the inactive ingredient listing for Levoxyl as given by the FDA does not list any iodine or synthetic derivatives.

Typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, hair loss and weight changes.

Is there anything I can help with?

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Ann Says:

Is the levothyroxine sodium used in other thyroid meds - excluding the inactive ingredients? Also did Levoxyl have both T4 and T3? I'm having a nightmare trying to get something that would work for me. The new Levoxyl inactive ingredients I'm allergic to and they made me sick - so I'm trying to compound and having much problems with this. Any help I would appreciate. Also they tell me that levothyroxine sodium does not have iodine. Which I am allergic to.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Anne! I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having.

As to having it compounded, it doesn't necessarily have to have any inactive ingredients added.

There's not really anything wrong with them just putting the active ingredient and nothing else into capsules for you.

You may want to speak to the pharmacy about trying that.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Ann Says:

I was told that all thyroid meds have iodine. I was on Levoxyl for twelve years and never had a problem then they returned it to the market and I was told it is the same melecular structure as levothroxine sodium - however well on the current Levoxyl my throat had foam in it too the point were I was having a terrible time swolling they said it was the sodium bicarbonate. I'm compounding and they say that the main ingredient is the same as Levoxyl does anyone know if this is so? I'm having so many issues and this has ruined my life. Any info please!!!! I am allergic to iodine

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A Says:

No resolve yet still sick can not get straight answers out of compouding company

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Candace Says:

Please help me,i can no longer leave my home my breathing and heatbeat is very fast..my eyesight is very distorted..dizzy..worst of all i lost my job because i couldn't go in..now i can't even leave my home at all..i thought about going to hospital but i can't leave my house..am i losing my mind? How do i go to Dr. i can't go outside my home...i think about death 20 hrs a day!! I'm in a state of panic 24/7 please tell me how to get help or is there help for me...there is so many more symtoms to many to list...please help...please...so scary...so depressed lost my job...i panic when someone knocks on my door!!! Can't live like this!!!!! HELP

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PW Says:

To Candice... Please, Please do not hurt your self. You need to see your doctor right away. You can get better!

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Jazzzi Says:

I have taken a low dose 25 mcg dose of Levoxyl for 21 days now and feel like hell. I have woken up with a headache every morning, blurry vision, nausea and as the day progresses have tingling in my fingers and toes, lips and tongue; it feels like they're going numb. Aching in all my joints! My feet swelled up and are sore on the bottom and I have weakness in my arms and legs, and after eating a small meal my heart feels like it's racing, along with more nausea. I'm calling my new Dr tomorrow. To me the side effects of the generic outweigh what it's supposed to be good for. Normally I'm a strong healthy pain free person. I'm 68 and look younger; men in their 40's are always asking me out... My low thyroid caused me to gain weight, 30 pounds over normal after menopause. Had an evaluation that showed normal in 2003, but recently diagnosed with low thyroid. All my other diagnostics were totally normal. I had a broken tooth and was given amoxicillin for 10 days and I thought that the combo was causing me problems at first. My BP on my office visit 3 weeks ago, was 130 over 80 on a 100 degree day.

I certainly don't want to lose my long blonde hair!!! This medication is garbage as far as I'm concerned and will try to find a natural way to control my low thyroid. I heard kelp tablets can help to regulate it. I'm already on a very healthy mostly fruit and vegetable diet with enough protein daily in the form of whey for my smoothies and mostly chicken, some beef, rarely eat pork. Very little bread or sweets, no caffeine or alcohol. I feel like i want to climb out of my skin now, feeling nervous, but exhausted. I can barely sleep from the tingling and cramps in my limbs. My body temperature is also out of whack!!! I will feel cold and wear warm pajamas to bed and get up and put on cooler ones in the middle of the night because I get too hot even without any covers. I keep the indoor temp between 70-72 degrees constantly. I felt great before taking this med. I was so surprised when told my thyroid was low and I needed medication for it!!! My mother lived to be almost 95 and the only med she took daily was Levoxyl 88 mcg and an occasional 1/2 pain med for severe arthritis and bone loss. She did have to have blood work every 2 months to check for complications from it. She suffered from most of the above symptoms, but Dr's told her it was her age, arthritis, bone loss etc. and did not associate it with Levoxyl, the true culprit!!! I will not recommend any of these medications to anyone after this experience!

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Joan Jay Says:

Re: Jazzzi (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

What if you have had a total thyroidectomy? What am I suppose to take? Do you have any suggestions?

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