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I have a terminal condition, so what do I have to lose by identifying myself?

Nonetheless, please respect my privacy.

It appears that Roxane manufactures/did manufacture Levorphanol under the trade name Levo-Dromoran and may be available outside the USA.

The biochemical characteristics of this drug indicate that it might be a favorable replacement for the Oxymorphone that I take now.

Apparently it can be compounded by a specialty pharmacy, but could a prescription be filled under the present circumstances for a manufactured form?

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I did, in fact, receive an e-mail from a representative at Boehringer Ingelheim USA indicating that Levorphanol tartrate is currently manufactured in a generic version by Roxane Laboratories. I assume it is available in 2 and 4mg tablets. Now I simply need to speak with the local pharmacist to verify that they can stock it if I have a prescription.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to do and "opioid rotation" out of one chemical analog series into another because of tolerance and paradoxical effects. Any information I have come across regarding Levo-Dromoran (as it is also known) has been quite positive. It has a high bioavailabilty and long half-life so that one pill could take the place of a few with less frequent dosing.

For people with addiction tendencies, however, switching could be a step in the wrong direction. As it is a full agonist for the mu, kappa, and sigma receptor sites, it would be very strong and if not used properly by an opioid-tolerant person, deadly.

I really wish some folks wouldn't use drugs like this, particularly in combination with alcohol, benzodiazepines, etc, to get "high" because each death gives a bad name to otherwise useful compounds. I'm guessing that like Palladone, it may have been taken off the market because of abuse potential.

I will ask my pharmacist about availability and insurance company about cost and the need for pre-approval, then post the result here.

Good luck to all who might benefit from this stuff...

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Hi...levorphanol is back, thankfully. I just switched back over to it from Exalgo and pretty happy about it after not being able to get any since January of 2011.

Its' been a great drug for my leg and foot neuropathies...wasn't available last year secondary to government issues, something about being able to produce a set quanity each year that's dictated by Feds. Apparently a lot of folks have rediscovered it and we used up the alloted amount much quicker than anticipated.

You can also get it from a compounding pharmacy that, unlike pharmaceutical companies, are not subject to the alloted amount...

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It looks like an extended-release form of Hydromorphone is again available under the name Exalgo. This must be what used to be known as Palladone and was taken off the market primarily because of an inordinate number of overdose deaths when the time-release mechanism was defeated (abused) and the large quantity of the active ingredient combined with alcohol had deadly consequences. I will try to see how Levorphanol. The Oxymorphone has been a lifesaving drug for me, but I think I need to take a break to keep its efficacy up. T
Thanks anyone foryour input...

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Glad that oxymorphone has been such a life saver for you and really hope levorphanol also works well for you! I've got chronic pain stuff and weird narcotic sensitivities (including oxymorphone) & really happy to find both levorphanol and Exalgo work well for my rotation.

FYI – I believe its’ only available as 2mg tablets…my rotation back to levorphanol from the hydromorphone was rough the first few days, but has been working great once I achieved decent serum levels.

For what its’ worth, although Exalgo is supposed to be taken once a day, I found that it worked better for me by dividing my daily dose and taking it twice a day. Also, I’ve found I need to take levorphanol three times a day to maintain steady-state serum levels. Hope that's useful information for you... :)

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