Lee's Save The Baby. Where Can I Find It?

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The is in a clear bottle with a red screw on cap. The liquid is yellow in color It has oil in it that separates and goes to the top when bottle sits. To use run the bottle under warm water and shake to mix. Applythe warm liquid tothe child's chest and under nose to relieve symptoms of croupe. Instead of placing a drop under the nose you can also place it on a pillowcase or sheet.

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Verwon Says:

It was made by the Lee's company and yes, it is patent protected.

The reason it is no longer available is that it contained Camphor, yes, even in the liquid that was taken internally and the FDA has recognized this as being unsafe. Camphor is now only approved to be used topically.

As to the other ingredients, I am sorry, I have been unable to discover that.

Does anyone else know anything about this?

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Roy Says:

This product appears to be available online at the following URL:


Hope this helps!

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marybeth Says:

we have a 1939 , 1 oz bottle. can anyone tell me its worth.
please and thank you

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Tina Says:

A lady had sold it for 12.00 on another website, do you still have it I'm interested

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Leslie G Says:

I also looked for the original Lee's. it is now sold but it is very similar to Vick's Vapor rub due to the ingredients that needed to be removed and added in order to obtain FDA approval. Mr. Lee died and his children sold the company to Clay-parks Labs, inc in Bronx NY - i ordered it directly from the company via phone and my children grew up using it, however, it is no longer edible. Use only topically. It was not the same as what we were used to . I wonder how something that was able to cure so many things without adverse effects can now be deemed unsafe. Are they going to out law garlic, basil and oregano too? I would love to know the original ingredients to make my own version. If anyone has the ability to read their bottle, please forward it along to the rest of us. Thank you and Be well

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Bj Says:

Is there any place where I can get saved the baby in liquid form and or the rub form ?

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Mike Says:

My mother used to make me take this crap orally. I drank take toxic stuff

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Mona Says:

Did you ever find anything out? It is great for croup, etc

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Terry Says:

My mom would heat it to liquid then put a couple drops on a cotton ball in outer ear when we had an ear ache.... Help alot... I used it on my kids in the 80's wish it was still available

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Pamjh Says:

I have one coveted bottle, it contains, Canada balsam,camphor, origanum oil,rosemary alcohol 3.3% by volume in a suitable lard base.

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John W Says:

I know I had to take it for "croup". My mother would heat it in a pan of water because the oils would semi-solidify when it was cold. It was horrible tasting !

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Robin Says:

My daughter was really bad to get the croup when she was little. This was about the only thing that helped her when she got sick.

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KrazeeG Says:

Since 1874 Lee's Save the Baby has been relieving coughs in children and adults so they can sleep through the night or make it through the day without hacking. Just rub this old-time salve onto your chest and it reduces the impulse to cough, which helps you sleep. The formula has not changed much, and this remedy containing petrolatum, camphor, oregano, rosemary, and balsam oils is still as effective as ever.

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KrazeeG Says:

Our mom and her sisters used to fill a tablespoon with save the baby and warm it with a match lit under the spoon. They would then dump that into another Spoonful of Sugar, and make us eat it! LOL good times!!

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Linda Says:

I believe the main ingredient was oil of oregano. They smell exactly the same.

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Rose Says:

I know my grandma gave it to me for the croupe she put sugar on rhe ebd of the spoon still was nasty tasting but it worked

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Linda Says:

Is it readily available? It's been literally decades since I've had any. Where do you buy it?

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NikiMik Says:

Make that 2 of us. My mum thought everything was treatable with save the baby, pepto-Bismal or blackberry brandy. Now a days parents would be jailed!

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husq Says:

Have you ever compared the ingredients in a product called VETRX (for farm animals) to those in the original Save the baby?
Just sayin' ;-)

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Dave Says:

It was manufactured in Watervliet, NY when I was a boy. It was a menthol/camphor liquid that was commonly rubbed on a childs chest. It worked as a decongestant.

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