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Charlii77 Says:

I am really confused with everyone posts about the leading brand lorazepam I take 2mg and have been on lorazepam generic form for 25 years I've taken every single kind from Watson to now leading it looks like the sugary taste is everyone's problem here such bad reviews about this company is obserred they are no different than any other generic lorazepam they work the same the only difference in this pill is that it's inactive ingredient contains potassium and that's why the pill taste like sugar but my point here is that if are a longtime user of benzos you people would have all ended up withdrawing and possibly seizing if the pill really didn't contain the main ingredient and the er doctor would have been the first to report this pharmacy if your illness had anything to do with it a negative review does nothing to make a discontinued manufactured pharmacy bring back the generic form any of us got comfortable with a LORAZEPAM is a LORAZEPAM and the LEADING PHARMA LORAZEPAM is the same as any lorazepam and it works just like the rest

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Mozie Says:

Re: Bjn (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

My Ativan disinigrated to sand and the pharmacy said it was ok to use. I ended up so sick, vomiting and nosebleeds

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JMB70 Says:

Re: BMn (# 33) Expand Referenced Message

Yes. My insurance company required I try all the benzos in the class before they my would agree to cover the brand name lorazepam (Ativan) and while the 2 months I was trying the others — klonopin, Valium, and a few others, about 2 weeks on each one (each of the having different sucky side effects), I finally did get the insurance to cover the brand name. My doctor was really great in helping me do this and submitting info to the insurance company. It has made a huge difference for me but maybe that doesn’t do it for everyone.

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Elizabeth Says:

Leading pharma is crap. It doesn’t work at all. I was up all night, because they don’t work for me. It’s sad that Mylan stopped producing their generic. They worked great. I was on them for 20 years without issue until they stopped making them in 2019 I believe. I’d do anything to get the generic’s Mylan made. I’m writing a complaint to the FDA regarding the Leading brand. They need to test them. I don’t think there is hardly any active ingredient. Such a shame that patients with anxiety now have anxiety, because they can’t get their medication.

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Bn85 Says:

Re: Elizabeth (# 63) Expand Referenced Message

We know our bodies better than anyone. Lorazepam worked for me until they switched to Leading. Tell your pharmacist you are having a bad reaction and request a different generic if possible. Next, ask around at different pharmacies for generics they carry. I’ve had to jump through hoops to stay away from Leading. Hope you can figure it out. Anxiety used to destroy my life.

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Jennifer jenn Says:

Re: Mozie (# 61) Expand Referenced Message

I just started new bottle and they seem to disolve before swallowed, others did not. Worries me.

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Judi Says:

I do not agree. I took Qualitest for 5 years & it was great. No side effects & even my holistic doctor tested it on her diagnostic machine & was amazed that it balanced me out more than her natural products. Well, of course, they discontinued them (heartbroken) and was put on the Leading Pharma. They tested badly on her machine & she told me NOT to take them & threw the bottle across the room. I already was dependent on taking them & still do to this day, 7 years later. They do have side effects now, because they aren't working as well, but I did feel the difference in the quality next to the Qualitest, and they are not all created equal...sorry...

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Judi Says:

Re: Bn85 (# 64) Expand Referenced Message

I tried telling my pharmacist that the leading pharma was lousy, and he said "I was the only customer who complained about them." Which I know is not true. He was not cooperative. Most pharmacies only carry them, because most of the good companies don't anymore. I think that is, because Leading Pharma is cheaper & uses less active ingredients than the others. They make me feel lousy.

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