Leading Pharma 2mg Lorazepam

Charlii77 Says:

I am really confused with everyone posts about the leading brand lorazepam I take 2mg and have been on lorazepam generic form for 25 years I've taken every single kind from Watson to now leading it looks like the sugary taste is everyone's problem here such bad reviews about this company is obserred they are no different than any other generic lorazepam they work the same the only difference in this pill is that it's inactive ingredient contains potassium and that's why the pill taste like sugar but my point here is that if are a longtime user of benzos you people would have all ended up withdrawing and possibly seizing if the pill really didn't contain the main ingredient and the er doctor would have been the first to report this pharmacy if your illness had anything to do with it a negative review does nothing to make a discontinued manufactured pharmacy bring back the generic form any of us got comfortable with a LORAZEPAM is a LORAZEPAM and the LEADING PHARMA LORAZEPAM is the same as any lorazepam and it works just like the rest

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Abomb Says:

That’s false. They are not all the same. Been on lorazepam for 21 years. Mylan, leading, maybe Teva. The rest garbage

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Will Says:

You must work for the manufacturer. The Generic equivalent is not an equivalent. The active ingredient is allowed to have 15-20% less. If 20% of your paycheck was taken away would you be ok with that? People just want something that works.

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Abomb Says:

Actavis, Watson are all GARBAGE!! I been on Benzos long term for 22 years. I have tried all generic lorazepams. They do not all work the same not in the least! Leading is the best one out since the loss of Mylan ( which was amazing by the way)

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william Says:

Re: Will (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs that have exactly the same dosage, intended use, effects, side effects, route of administration, risks, safety, and strength as the original drug. In other words, their pharmacological effects are exactly the same as those of their brand-name counterparts.

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william Says:

you are 100% correct, i work at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in northern minnesota, generics have to be manufactured with the same ingredients as the brand name for a company to start manufacturing it, the fda will not give you approval for your generic, if it does not match the brand name

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william Says:

Re: william (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

So there's no truth in the myths that generic drugs are manufactured in poorer-quality facilities or are inferior in quality to brand-name drugs. The FDA applies the same standards for all drug manufacturing facilities, and many companies manufacture both brand-name and generic drugs. In fact, the FDA estimates that 50% of generic drug production is by brand-name companies.

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Abomb Says:

Re: william (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

The FDA? REALLY? you think they care that much. It’s 80-120% match to brand name Ativan. Take it from someone who used this medication for 20+ years. I had my wife give me my pills in the morning and choose the leading brand or the left over Watson. Every day I say I feel like it’s not working it was always the Watson brand. So no placebo effect at all. I tried this for 3 weeks straight.

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William Says:

Re: Abomb (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

You have absolutely no idea what your talking about with your “80%-120%” BS, I have worked in manufacturing with the product development team for years and am now in quality control, I know what the requirements are, and what hoops need to be jumped through to be able to produce a generic drug, the generics aren’t working because your telling yourself they aren’t/ won’t work.

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Bjn Says:

I’ve been on 1 mg lorazepam about 10 years. I recently switched pharmacies and was given Leading/Major Pharma brand. They DO NOT work. I’ve had Watson in the past and never had a problem. Leading Pharma is GARBAGE and now I’m left with a benzo that I have to take double for any kind of effect. Do not buy this crap.

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Abomb Says:

Re: Bjn (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

So I guess it’s the individual response to these generics. Give me your leading pharma and I’ll give you my Watson’s :) Mylan was still and will always be the best

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Briards Says:

Glad that all those generics have worked for you for 25 years. So many of us find certain generics ineffective. Only Watson has been effective for me, I don’t even have a second choice and can only find one pharmacy that carries Watson.

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joe Says:

Re: william (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry william but have been on lorazapam for 25 years, they are not anywhere the same, Sandoz is out of the lorazapam business because they are watered down with fillers so that their product was as useless as a water pill. Watson was purchased by teva, they now have a watered down version by way of fillers compared to the original watson brand.

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Abomb Says:

Re: william (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Can you explain why if they are all the same generic that I could take 4mg of Mylar generic and feel relaxed and carry on with my day but with Watson and Activis I can’t? I already did a blind placebo test for 3 weeks. As you can read in my previous post. When will Mylan come back!!! Why did they discontinue making lorazepam? Why?

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joe Says:

Re: william (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry but just getting approval means nothing. The fda doesn't go back after the approval to make sure its still making it the same way it did when it got approval. Sandoz thought they could put out garbage after buying lorazepam from actavis over 8 years ago. The pills were nothing but sugar pills. They were so sure the public would buy any garbage they put out but people quit buying their garbage. I am happy to say that this year sandoz went out of the lorazepam business, unable to fool the public any more, they no longer manufacture lorazepam.

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RebeccaRyan Says:

I don’t believe that it works as well. I have been taking lorazepam for 6 years and can tell the difference.

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jmb70 Says:

I have been on some form of generic Lorazepam for about 10 years. I really didn't notice the manufacturer until 2 months ago when I picked up my pills and they were like 2-3 times the thickness of the regular pills I was used to. Then I noticed that 1 - 2mg pill wasn't helping me sleep, then I took 2 - 2mg to sleep and that didn't help either (the pills were from Leading Pharma). I suffered through a few weeks until I could reorder (I get 60 a month) and when I refilled it it was the same one again. I called the pharmacy right away and they were able to order the old one and switched the pills out to (Actavis/Teva). This month the pharmacist is telling me they can no longer order the Actavis/Teva one anymore. I don't know what I am going to do - I am having anxiety over my anxiety medication - how ironic. I am calling my doctor to see what they suggest. I thought it was just me but I am thankful I found this post and read all of your comments. Thank you.

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Cleverwabbit Says:

I don't think there are any choices left. I was getting the Activis/Watson at Rite Aid, then it got switched to Leading. I asked if they could get the Activis/Watson instead and they said no. I called CVS and only Leading. Walgreens wouldn't tell me what generic they had without sending in my prescription. But since it is a controlled substance if you can' transfer it. Other pharmacies were like that too, unable to tell me what brand they carried without me sending the script in. They make it so hard. I need this for panic and anxiety, not recreation. Has anyone been able to get any other brand other than Leading in the last month?

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Tiff Says:

Re: Briards (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

What pharmacy carries it?

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A1 Says:

Ehh can’t agree. I’ve been using for 23 years. I have been on every generic. Mylan was by far the best ever. Second is leading. The rest are garbage

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Donna Says:

Re: A1 (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Hi just wondering is the lorazepam 1 mg by leading have the the number 905/EP on front and then 1 on back? My pharmacist at Walmart told me they can't get Watson anymore.I agree Mylan was best.Why are all these companies stopping making the lorazepam.Never took this one before hope it is ok.

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Richard H Says:

I'm having difficulty trying to find out how to start a new thread so i hope no one minds if i ask this here....If your prescription is for 90 days (that's 270 tablets 3xday)....what happens over time when 7 months have 31 days (minus Feb' 28...still equals 5 days or 15 tablets short every year........the prescribing doc looked blank when I asked him......the pharmacist shrugged his shoulders......bet he wouldn't if he ever was washing out near the end of a prescription before its renewed. Do they ever give extra to cover the longer months?

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Benji Says:

Re: jmb70 (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Oh please. These drugs are regulated. You just happen to see that it was a different manufacturer and your anxiety ridden mind went to left field. If it wasn't lorazepam you would have seized up.

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NeeJo Says:

How could they possibly ruin your teeth? Am I missing something here?

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ScottJ Says:

Re: Nn (# 46) Expand Referenced Message

It's good you filed a complaint with the FDA. I don't know about other Leading products - but they are scamming people with their Lorazepam. It's like a bad penny you can't get rid of.

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Moni Says:

Re: Richard h (# 57) Expand Referenced Message

They gave me side effects anxiety and felt weire

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Bn85 Says:

Re: Briards (# 73) Expand Referenced Message

My pharmacy was ordering Aurobindo but I've had to change pharmacies recently (new job, new Rx insurance) and I ended up on Leading again. They don't work at all. My fault for not flagging the pharmacist before it was filled. Good luck.

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Briards Says:

Re: Bn85 (# 64) Expand Referenced Message

Which generic Lorazepam did you find?i am so frustrated and can no longer take Lorazepam because I can’t find an effective generic. Thank you.??

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Briards Says:

Re: Judi (# 66) Expand Referenced Message

Besides “holistic” how do you find a doctor who can diagnose the med you are prescribed? I have never heard of this, live in California, maybe this is something that other countries do???????? Thank you.??

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BMN Says:

Re: Cody (# 68) Expand Referenced Message

Leading was the worst for me. I would take twice as many to no effect though I felt nasty the next day. Aurobindo is bad too but doesn’t make me feel gross like Leading. I think they’ve all taken a downturn in the last couple of years.

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Teddy Says:

Re: joe (# 51) Expand Referenced Message

You are 100% right. The new Teva made me so sick and didn't work i wound up in the ER. I going through withdrawls when taking a full dose.

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