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Latuda and drug testing

I was wanting to know if latuda would show up on a drug test and if so what it would show up for? ## I was wondering if I take a Latuda pill tonight what it show up in a urine drug test tomorrow or the following day ## I believe so. I failed a drug test for the courts and there's no way it wasn't latuda, which I just started taking when my urine went either diluted, or testing for amphetamines and methamphetamines; though I'm also taking venlafaxine and a handful of others. Read the side effects. ## FACT: Yes LATUTA can show a false positive. There are MANY dozens of causes for a false positive. It would be hard- if not impossible in some cases to pinpoint the exact cause. Which is why it is important to either demand a more precise test, and or retest. Be aware, if you rete...

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Diet supplements and mental health medication interactions

Can I take diet supplements while I'm taking mental health meds such as latuda, buspirone, doxepin and aripiprazole? ## Hello, Bobby! How are you? It really depends on what supplements you want to take, some are safe, according to FDA reports, and some are not. Can you please post back with more details? The NIH warns that some supplements can cause a possibly dangerous condition called Serotonin Syndrome, when mixed with some supplements and herbal products, this condition has been known to be fatal, in some cases. ## Oh please talk to your doctor. Those are some heavy duty meds and any supplements that affect dopamine will probably be problematic.

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White pill L40

This is a generic for Tylenol. It's not a narcotic and can be sold over the counter. ## Hi Sandy - The closest thing I can find to the pill which you are describing is Latuda 40mg, NDC code 51148-001. It's round and white with the imprint L over 40. Is this what you have? If not, then it could be possible that a similar pill exists for generic Acetaminophen since over the counter drugs don't always have to carry unique imprints the way that prescription medications do.

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Taking Latuda with Oxycodone

Can u take latuda and oxycodone (15 mg IR) together with no side effects? ## No, the FDA advised that they generally not be combined, due to the risk of severely lowered blood pressure and central nervous system depression, either of which might be fatal. Have they both been prescribed for you?

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white round pill with 20 on one side and 11 37 on the other

Does it make you gain weight or help u lose weight? I am a 53 year old woman and something I am taking is putting weight on me. I also take 80 mg of latuda + 100 mg topamax + 30 mg adderall + 1 mg xanax. Can you give me any advice? ## Weight gain can be normal at your age. How much weight have you gained? The medication, Escitalopram may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and dry mouth, according to FDA reports. How long have you been taking it?

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Latuda and Lipozene

Is there a diet pill that's safe to take while on Latuda? I really want to try Lipozene. ## Hello, Happyturtle! How are you? I'm sorry, but Lipozene is a supplement, not an actual drug, so it has not been evaluated for possible interactions and problems with medications and medical conditions. Latuda is an antipsychotic that's used to treat mental health conditions and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, tremors and sedation. In theory, since Lipozene only contains a type of fiber that helps you to feel full, so you eat less, you should be able to take it with the Latuda, but you should double check with your doctor first. Is there anything else I can help with? ## You shouldn't take diet pills period! My mom had 6 kids, started taking diet pills after...

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the side effects of risperdal and latuda

My sister was just put on this drug... She is bi-polar and in a comatose state, not eating, sleeping, ect...Are these possible side effects? She was also put on Latuda. ## Risperdal is well known to cause severe sedation, according to the FDA and my own experience, when my ex-husband was put on it. All he did was sleep, it was horrible. And yes, the Latuda can also cause similar side effects, according to NIH reports. Has her doctor been consulted? Her doses might be too high.

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Latuda enhances mood and curbs binge cravings for food

I tried Latuda starting a month and half ago. Had a very stressful trip home many variables featuring extreme changes and suffering around me. I thrive on stability. Got extremely distressed and angry and had problems sleeping. I think the medicine actually helped. Have always been very suicidal and was going to get home and shoot myself but did not. Since then had a couple of angry dwelling days but have had seven great productive days in a row now and very hopeful for this medicine. History. I have been on Max Geodon and some wellbutrin for 3 years now and sleeping 12 hours a day. Usually pretty hopeless even though from outside i have great family life. Went on lamictal for awhile and too much anger. Lamictal curbed binge eating as well. I would suggest this medicine for anyone who i...

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b thinner diet pill

I am takin latuda for bi polar. Can I take lipozene ## @happyturtle, From what I can tell, apparently there are no verifiable ways to check for drug interactions between pharmaceutical meds such as Latuda (lurasidone) and OTC diet pills like Lipozene. But if I were you, I would probably notify your doctor first anyways, since patients are generally supposed to inform the doctor of any additional substances you're using alongside the medication that he/she prescribes you. This is for your own safety. I will say though, that in my honest opinion (not to be mistaken for medical advice), I don't think there would be any complications with taking the two together since they both act on different parts of the body. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

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White Round Pill With L40 Other Side Nothing

I have a round white pill one side it has L40 and the other side don't have nothing on it ## From what I'm finding, this is a 40mg Latuda tablet, which contains the active ingredient Lurasidone, it is an antipsychotic medication. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, weight changes and sedation. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## The pill I want to identify is a small round white pill with the number 40 printed on it and nothing on the back. Would like to know what it is, thanks.

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