Latuda And Drug Testing

Lee Says:

I was wanting to know if latuda would show up on a drug test and if so what it would show up for?

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Lonniel Says:

I was wondering if I take a Latuda pill tonight what it show up in a urine drug test tomorrow or the following day

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An Says:

I believe so. I failed a drug test for the courts and there's no way it wasn't latuda, which I just started taking when my urine went either diluted, or testing for amphetamines and methamphetamines; though I'm also taking venlafaxine and a handful of others. Read the side effects.

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Don t pee Says:

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Yes LATUTA can show a false positive. There are MANY dozens of causes for a false positive. It would be hard- if not impossible in some cases to pinpoint the exact cause. Which is why it is important to either demand a more precise test, and or retest. Be aware, if you retest some medicines can show false results up to 30 days after taking them. This is even if the medicine that crated the matabilites that are testing positive is not. Such as the case with Trazodone.

PLEASE remember you can always EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO REFUSE! This is ALWAYS the best option if you know you will test positive.


Good to know:

A lot of people don't realize you have a right to refuse a drug screen. Even court ordered- but not advised!!! In a perfect world refusing should not affect your position. You should not be punished for invoking your rights, the same as if you exercise your right of freedom of speech or religion. Like not taking a lie detector test. You can not be found guilty based on your refusal.

HOWEVER. this is not a perfect world... Sure that company might not hire you or social services might not be able to build or dismiss a case on you-perfect example of when to refuse; seeing as drug use alone IS NOT NEGLECT/ENDANGERMENT OR ABUSE!! A doctor might not give you those Percocets. But, if more people simply stated "I would like to exercise my right to refuse" this prejudice and opportunity for falsely damning a person might stop. If they ask why simply say ""BECAUSE IM AN AMERICAN""

AND FOR GOD SAKE IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL TEST POSITIVE NEVER-I MEAN NEVER SUBMIT TO A DRUG SCREEN!!!!!!! unless ordered by a judge/court. (If you are on probation you have to because you agreed to when you signed that plea agreement. Technology this could be argued before hand but let's face it you want out of jail..)


I personally don't understand how drug screening can be considered proof of drug use at all with such common unreliable results. It will only stop when we stop it!.

Why are we GIVING anyone an opportunity to discriminate us! I find it insulting!

I should be judged by my actions and behavior I present to you.. not by what I do privately. We HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY!

Even if it is an illegal act we are commiting IN PRIVATE. Without substantial EVIDENCE of that criminal act THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO INVADE YOUR PRIVACY! And damn sure don't have the right to condemn you.

Don't let them REFUSE!

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