Latisse Legitimacy

Julie Says:

At first I didn't think Latisse worked at all and I was wasting my money. I later realized that I was getting ripped off by imitation Latisse. Apparently the real Latisse has a patented ingredient called "bimatoprost" which comes from Allergan. After about 10 weeks my lashes and eyebrows were where I wanted them to be. The imitation wasn't cutting it. Moral of the story; make sure it's the real deal.

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David Says:

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing your feedback on Latisse. I wonder, where did you get it from the first time when you felt like it wasn't working correctly? Was it from a legitimate prescription? I only ask because I do see a lot of posts on here relating to people ordering medications from overseas, just to avoid a doctor visit...but often times their medication ends up being a lot weaker or something completely different. I don't know what your case may be, but I can also confirm that the real Latisse does reportedly contain the active ingredient Bimatoprost.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Latisse Details

I hope this helps! Have you thought about getting the fake one lab tested?

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Tara Says:

it's not unusual for patients to have hair loss with higher concentrations. Sometimes Lumigan will work better and it's a little less potent. It's all the same active ingredient. There's roughly 8 versions of glaucoma meds that are the EXACT same thing as latisse. Your dr. Might prescribe them bc they're a LOT cheaper. I took zyban to quit smoking which my insurance didn't cover & was insanely pricey. luckily Wellbutrin (antidepressant) is zyban under a diff generic name & is covered! Same situation. latisse was discovered bc of its side effects for glaucoma users.

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