Lansoprazole And Sore Tongue

Christine Says:

I have been taking Lansoprazole for 3 months but for the past 3/4 weeks I have a dry sore mouth and tongue do you know if the tabs are coursing this to happen

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Christine! How are you?

It is possible, but there's no way to be sure, since so many other things could also cause these symptoms.

Have you been ingesting more acid foods or beverages recently?

Are you on any other medications?

The FDA lists the typical side effects of Lansoprazole as possibly including nausea, dizziness, flatulence and stomach pain.

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Phil Says:

I've been on the medication for over two years and have a constant irritation of my taste buds with oversensitivity especially to cold liquids or ice. My taste sensations are situated or nonexistent. My other senses are situated such a sense of smell hearing etc. this has affected my appetite and the way normal food should taste. This is been going on so long I've more or less gotten used to living this way but it goes beyond being irritating too darn right debilitating. Anyone else have these symptoms and how did you overcome them? Thanks for your replies!!

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