Lamotrigine 200 Mg Tab By Northstar

Lena Says:

Been on generic by Northstar for over a year then this last June 2013 I filled my rx again and within 48 hours I went thru syptoms like withdrawl. Trembling, dizzy, nauseous, weak, disoreinted, crying hysterically. This went on for several days. I even went to emergency room and was told my ct scan and blood work came back fine. This went on for a few more days. I asked pharmacy to give me a new refill because I suspected something may have been wrong with this last refill. I improved days later. Very odd. I had been stable for at least two years. Treatment bipolar. I have sent a report to Fda this week and hope that they will test that bottle I suspect might be bad. Anyone else had this problem in the last few months?

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Verwon Says:

HI, Lena! Sorry about what happened to you.

Are you sure the one you had a problem with was the same dosage from the same manufacture? Were the markings the same?

Did your pharmacy have any other reports of problems from other people that were taking it at that same time?

Learn more Lamotrigine details here.

I'm just trying to discover what caused the issue, because it is very odd to have such issues with tablets all from the same manufacturer.

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Lena Says:

I took the bottle in question back to my pharmacist and let them look at it. They compared to what had on their shelf and said it was same and assured me that they had been using the same manufactor for a long time. It was very strange. Nothing had changed. They did refill my prescription and I improved after 5 days like nothing had happened. I still have 16 days left of old rx in question and saved it in case someone wants to test for accuracy. Strange but what happened caused me to miss two weeks of work and medical bills and employer not happy with me :(

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susan Says:

how does taking 30 mg of fluoxetine and 200 mg of lamotrigine a day affect my weight?

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rnbayless1 Says:

Does this medicine make you retain water? LamoTRIine - zc 79

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Colette Says:

Twice, but only for a random day in same bottle. (4)25mg tabs daily. Also my Dr changed prescribed to read differently after that from (4)25mg/daily to (1)100mg/daily. Immediately I was lethargic exausted, iflammation, headache, joint pain. The me resulting inability to complete tasks the me into a mental overload & mentally cluttered worry & anxiety.

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Colette Says:

Re: Colette (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I explain to my doctor what happened when he moved me up to the larger dose pill that was 100mg contained in one larger pill. I asked him to put me back to the four 25 mg pills to make the 100th dose. Suddenly all the problems went away and the medicine works the way it's designed to work.

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Flower Says:

Can I still get Northstar lamotrigine which is a white round pill with a line in the middle and L123 on it? It's 150mg tablet. I need it!

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JoeyManfredo Says:

Re: Flower (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

This kind is now made/branded as "Alembic" now. Northstar is now labeling lamotrigine made by Aurobindo. So odd, but yea the L123 pills are available if you request Alembic.

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