Lamictal In Blood And Urine Tests

inquisitive Says:

I've been taking 200 mg of lamictal for epilepsy for ten years. Will this show up on a blood or urine test?? How long does it take to get out of your system so it won't show up??

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Verwon Says:

First of all, when you are taking a medication, under a doctors orders, there is no reason to worry, all you have to do is tell them that, when you go in for the test. They cannot deny you the use of medications that are essential to your health.

Exceptions to this rule are only made for non-essential medications, such as narcotics or Benzodiazepines for people who work in jobs where being under the influence of those can be extremely dangerous, such as someone who is an airline pilot.

And second, no, this type of medication is not even tested for and will not show up on the standard urine of blood tests, they only check for controlled substances, such as those I mentioned above.


Are there any other comments or questions?

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inquisitive Says:

Thanks for that. How long does it take to get it out of my system??

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randall allen Says:

im taking a lamictal is 100mg what shoul my blood level be

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mashpotato Says:

ive been taking 300mg of Effexor and 200 mg lamictal - how will this show on 10 panel drug test

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Crush Says:

I have not been taking my lamotrigine because the court program I'm in thinks they are doctors and feel I need the medication because they want to control my life. So now after supposedly being on it for a year they want to do a blood test. When should I start taking it ahead of time to make it look like I've been taking it for a while

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