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Dale Says:

Having trouble sleeping and having crying fits and shakyness - anyone else experiancing this on this medicine?

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Melissa Says:

i've just been prescribed this to STOP my crying fits & mood instability! I havent filled the prescription yet though becuase I read up on it last night & i'm scared to take this medicine!!!!! It has ALOT of warnings! how long have you been on this medicine?

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Bonnie Says:

I'm experiencing the Sevier crying fits & shakyness coming off lamical very abrupedly.I've been off now four 3 wks & will never go back on it.I was on it about 9 mo.

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Terri (Detroit) Says:

My 7 1/2 yr old daughter has been taking this medication for several months now, supposely to help with her seizures. I know the feeling of going through the crying & shaking spells because my daughter has been through the same withdrawals. Only to find the doctors putting her back on it. This drug can be used for some of the reactions or moods I've read about but it must be taken properly or it can have some serious side effects. If you need 2 taqke this medication Please do so with caution. Keep in mind my daughters been on for a couple years now.

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Jeannie Says:

I didn't go off it on purpose,I had moved in w/ my daughter & I turned in a change of address to the post office & was switching to dr.'s in her county where she lived.They put a stop on my medicaid,and I couldn't get any of my scripts filled & I had no money trying to get sedeld in to a knew place to live.The new county said it would be 30 to 90 days to get everything straightened out.I went 3wks without meds.I was on Lexapro & Lamitcal at the time.I could believe the state put me thru all that.I was delusional& phschotic w/ sever painic attacks& suicidal thoughts because of the abrupt cut off of my meds. I had to be Hospitalized to get back on meds.But they changed me to Cymbalta&Seroquel.I'm not blaming the Lamitcal, I was fine while I was on it.But after all that I was afraid to go back on it because I had a rash in all the other w/draws.The rash is something to take very seriously,it can be a life threatning side affect... GOD BLESS U...

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Laura Says:

My son was put on this for seizures, and is very irratible, has problems going to sleep, gets aggressive and cries over little things, and has problems calming himself down. Are these signs of overdose?

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Leilani Says:

I have been taking lamictal for 4 months now and I am not sure if it is right for me. I was diagnosed with bi-polar 4 months ago so it may be that I am going through the acceptance process as well. ...but I have always been known as an outgoing person but since april when I strated my new job people constantly ask me what is wrong? are you feeling ok? why are you so serious? that was the main question I get asked almost daily....well I just wanted to know if anyone felt this or if the over-calmness I feel is normal. I take 150mg a day and have stopped taking it at night due to weird, strange, funny dreams. It is quiet strange when I wake myself up laughing outloud... :) just wish I could remember what was so funny, heheehe

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alice0812 Says:

You said you had a rash. What did the rash look like? My daughter is on lamictal and has a rash. She stopped taking her meds per the doctor but today it has gotten worse. I am not sure if its related tot he meds or if its something else? thank you

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Elyse Says:

I was diagnosed with bi-polar 20 year ago. I have tried all the meds. I am now on lamictal. I have the crying jags, can't sleep, and nothng really effects me when it should. I cry at things that never bothered me in a normal state of mind, and when i should cry, I have a neice in a coma since saturday night, I feel nothing. And I lvoe this girl. If this is so-called stable and normal... I would rather have mood swings. The docter says stay on it. and gave me a sript for sleeping pills, and an anti-depressant.

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barb Says:

Hi i started on lemictal, as well as some other mood stabalizers a bit over a week ago.. I can identify with having trouble for sleep- i just take a visteral. I do feel a bit amped and shaky but i think its a fair trade off from what i had felt like before! If you are not yourself by all mean ask you psychiatrist and tell them.. you probably arent right for this med, or perhaps have to realize it is a trade off for your sanity.

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Evelyn Says:

I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar aver a year ago and was put on Limictal for about 3 months and reached 100 mg per day. I developed a rash, and the doctor immediately took me off of it. I saw a second docotor, he thought the dosage was increased too quickly, and put me on the starter pack-I got up to 100 mg and was O.K for about 2 weeks, then the rash came back. Again, it was stopped immediately, but I am still getting sores all over my body. My back, sides, chest, and the genetial area. I also had developed large abcess type sores on my breast and pubic area. I was told that I could never use Lamictal or any dirivitive of that drug again. I tried Topomax, that seemed to work but increased my anxiety. Some days I want to hurt myself or others, other days I cry, other days I am mad at everyone. I can't go out in public, as rude people make me want to correct their rude attitude with a bit of force. Anyone had any reaction to Lamictal like I have? Does the rash (sores) ever go away? I feel like one big itch! I also take Clonazepan at night and Pexeva and Alpralazam at night. I think the meds are driving me as crazy as the Bi-Polar ! I see the docotr again at the end of the month. No idea what drug is next, but it is a good thing that I am on the Alpralozam or I may end up in Jail!!

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lolo Says:

I have been taking lamictal for bipolar 2 for about 5 months now. I changed over to it from zyprexa, wicth was working well but I couldn't stand the memory loss and inability to read at a reasonable level. The lamictal has not seemed to work as well and I do hove problems with sleeping. The doctor put me on clonazapam to help sleep and it has. Since the lamictal did not seem to work as well controlling my moods I am now adding a low dose of abilify and it seems to be contolling my moods much better. Any way if you take a low dose of clonazapam for sleep it seems to help. Also lamictal as in my case did not work in controlling my crying all the time so an added low dose of abilify may help. So far I have not had any serious side effects to the abilify (they can be scarry when you read about them), and my doctor says that many of them are dose related which is why I am staying on the lowest dose possible and just augmenting the lamictal. Anyway these steps may be an option to those who can't sleep well and those who are still crying on lamictal.

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prhiannon Says:

Be very careful with Lamictal. Many people are finding severe difficulty withdrawing from it. If you do choose to stop taking it, do so very, very slowly with a long, controlled taper.

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ang5522 Says:

I absolutely love the drug...been on SO many and this one actually does what it is supposed to in my opinion!! I have started thinking more rationally, I don't freak out on stupid s*** BEFORE I try to process...I started on 25mg after 7 weeks I'm up to 200mg...the first week I felt high and cracked out but fortunately that has ceased!! Can't say enough good about it for real!!!

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WhosKiddinngWhom Says:

I'm a 63 year old guy who started lamotrigine 2 1/2 months ago @ 50mg for (recently diagnosed) bipolar, and after a month upped to 2x daily. My side effects: an awful inability to sleep, mostly waking around 3 am and be up for the night, after going to bed 12:00-1 am. Just as a note, as soon as I lay my head down, my head feels terrible and I need to get up "right away," let alone try to sleep. Plus headache, and slight shortness of breath lying in bed. Oh yeah, I guess I left out the suicidal thoughts during those nonsleep periods. But I'm not the suicidal "type" -- I just have the thought that "I'd rather be dead than go through this. Scary part is, if I didn't have someone here that I love, and my mother in a nursing home with no other visitors, I can't say I wouldn't have done it, without regret. But I know it's a s/e and not "me," so I can fight the thoughts. So I know how many of you feel.
My pdoc dropped it back to 25mg 2x, but all of the symptoms continued (from cutting the dosage, of course), and thinking I was going "slowly," I'm down to 25mg daily after only 2 weeks. Now we can add the "crying at anything" to the litany, which is just a joy. But even with these side effects, I'm determined to get off this drug, albeit a little more slowly. And I'll tell you, after reading posts saying it took "2 years" for some to get off the last of it, I'm even more determined, as well as pretty angry my pdoc didn't tell me about these s/e's. I would've stayed away.
I've read how some of you have faired very well on what to me seem scary-high doses, so I know it works for some people, but if a friend asked, I would say to stay away. Far away.
I really need to say that I've read quite a number of your messages, as well as on other forums, and I feel for you all so badly I could just….cry. Yeah, haha, but I mean it. You're a bunch of pretty nice, and empathetic people, and I just wanta let you know I feel for you and really wish you the best with these awful conditions, as well as the crap our "professionals" lay on us. I'll probably never forget the heartfelt words you post here. God bless you all.

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WhosKiddinngWhom Says:

After the three weeks, are your s/e's gone? God, I hope so. I can't wait to be free of it. Thanx in advance.

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Feedback Says:

Weighing side effects, it's what you can live with versus what you can't. Medication should accomplish two goals - make the symptoms manageable, and have manageable side effects. If it does not have both, it is not the right one.

To anyone that reads this, mental health is nothing like any other health. Every person has a unique chemical composition much like a fingerprint. Offering you a psych medication for treatment is an educated guess on their behalf. That's it. With 7 billion people in the world, that means there can potentially be 7 billion different results from the same dose. That's just the nature of psych meds.

Don't rely on your doctor or pharmacist. Take responsibility for your own choices. Research what they want to prescribe you before you start taking it to determine if the chance is worth it. If it is having an adverse affect, you have to understand what the medication is supposed to be doing and not doing to communicate that to your professional.

Mental health care professionals aren't the enemies. They have an impossible job.

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terra Says:

Can you experience bad emotions within 4 days of taking this med? Ive been crying alot more and thibgs seem worse. Is it just me? Lamictal 25mg. I think since ive only taken it 4 times im stopping it. I get sad all of a sudden for no reason sometimes and then the chain thoughts start. Help please?

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Imaginekgb Says:

I havebeen on Lamictal since 2001, 12 years for grand mal and partial seizures. I am totally seizure free and have very stable emotions. I do require a lot of sleep, 9-10hours and I do experience difficulty falling asleep. I take certain measure to ensure sleep including medical marajuna and ambien. Each one is a last resort if I am not asleep in 30 minutes. Liquid maj under my tounge or half an ambien ( which I hate but it works).
I often feel lazy and have to strive to excercise but over all it has been a God send. After Tegrotol and Dilantin is it the best thing that has ever happened to me. I take it a.m. And p.m.

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Sandy Says:
via mobile

Me too. I'm trying to wean myself off of them now. It didn't take long for the drug to give me hives and my throat swelled slightly. Not for me.

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