Looking For Lorazepam That Is Exactly Like Watson Brand

jmk Says:

I've been taking Watson Pharmaceuticals Lorazepam and it worked great. Apparently, Actavis just took over Watson, and Watson no longer exists. I'm looking for another bran of Lorazepam that has the same Active & Inactive ingredients as the Watson brand, however, I can't locate the info on line and my pharmacy won't help me. Does anyone know what other manufacturer carries Lorazepam that is exactly the same as the Watson brand. Actavis and Sandoz manufacturer's Lorazepam does not work.

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Verwon Says:

Well, you're pharmacy won't help, because if the active ingredient is the same, they are considered the same. The inactive ingredients are called such for a reason, they don't affect the drug.

How long have you been taking your current dose? It is possible that you've just become tolerant to it and need a dosage adjustment or to switch to a different medication.

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

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Jewels Says:

I talked to my pharmacist yesterday about the exact same thing, and yes, the inactive ingredients do make a difference... Not every bodies body responds the same way to the same meds.... I've had the same problem... When my pharmacy switched from Watson I swore it wasn't as effective, but convinced myself it was all in my head because people say "it's the exact same thing"... But it's not... That was confirmed by my pharmacist yesterday... The inactive ingredients can affect the way they work for you. I will try to talk to her again about the info you need... She gave me the brand name of Watson and told me I would have to call around to find who carries it... I didn't realize, she must not have either, that it no longer exists...

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Kitty Says:

I was taking the Sandoz lorazepam with no problem until there was a problem with the company. I have been taking Watson 1mg twice a day with no problems. Now I am on Watson 0.5 three times a day, I am zonked. I do not deal with big pharmacies. I am fortunate enough to have a local independent pharmacy who are great, informing me what is going on in the inductstry. I am going to phone my physician for the 1mg.

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jmk Says:

Thank you for your response. I look forward to hearing about any information you may receive. I'm now taking the Brand name Ativan, and it still does not work as well as the Watson's. Unfortunately, my pharmacy would not provide me with a list of active and inactive ingredients in Watson's brand, not sure why. They told me to just keep trying different ones. Wouldn't you think that's more dangerous??? I really don't like being a guinea pig. I've tried 5 different ones already (short and long term), and when the meds don't work I feel horrible.

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Felyne1987 Says:

Yeah! I've been on Lorazepam for years and decided to go to a closer pharmacy. Drug Mart. They gave me these ones with SZ199, and they suuuuck!! Normally I go to Giant Eagle. What up with the huge difference??

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Denise Says:

NO NO NO, it's not a case of becoming used to the Lorazepam. Look online further and you'll see literally HUNDREDS of complaints about the non-Watson Lorazepam made by Actavis. I am also one of those people who feel no relief of anxiety taking the Actavis form of Lorazepam vs. Watson.

I'm also looking for a brand of Lorazepam made by a company that cares enough to make sure it WORKS. I'd love to know if and when someone finds a BRAND that is comparable to Watson.

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Denise Says:

I'm confused ... what brand of Lorazepam are you taking now? I don't think any Lorazepam is around anymore made by Watson.

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Denise Says:

It doesn't depend on the Pharmacy but on the company that makes the Lorazepam. It's so unfair and it's the governments who allow this to go on. Shame on them. A medication that isn't effective should be pulled and the company fined heavily.

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Christine Says:

Walgreens has Watsons. Giant Eagle had Mylan =)

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Darlene Says:

I'm having the same problem. I was on Watson brand. Now I have to search for that brand.

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Christine Says:

I just got Watson from a local supermarket in Cleveland Ohio. I read that Target works with Watsons manufacturers. I'll find the link and try to post it

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Christine Says:

I just got Watson from a local supermarket in Cleveland Ohio. I read that Target works with Watsons manufacturers. I'll find the link and try to post it.

I ask before I give them my hard copy and explain the situation

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deebee Says:

How can you afford Ativan ... I'd take it as I'm sure it's much better than the generic Lorazepam. How much do you pay (if I can ask) ... every time I checked it was mega bucks.

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deebee Says:

Costco Mail Order Pharmacy STILL has Lorazepam made by Watson. I imagine it's a limited quantity and once it's gone, eeeks.
Put an order in and am getting the Watson. Check around guys.

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deebee Says:

JMK ... Check out Costco Mail Order Pharmacy on their webpage... and in the page's top headings click "Pharmacy" then make sure you click on "home delivery" unless there's one near you that you'd prefer to go to in person. Seems like a lot of the cut rate giant stores have Watson brand Lorazepam. Good Luck.

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joe Says:

I have that exact same problem . I complained to walmart and they told me to call the maker who used to be watson . They said it must be me, in so many words . I had some old pills in my car for and I have taken them and they work. I take 0.5 at night and sleep right thru the others I wake up 2 or 3 times a night . I dont know what to do ? Any help out there ?

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Hello. I've been on Ativan for a couple of years, then moved to Aprazolam. I notice the difference generic brands as well, whether I've been taking the med for 2 months, or 2 years, and I still notice a difference at the same dosage as well. Greenstone, Greenstone, Greenstone is all I have to say. You were correct about the Watson brand, and how they were more effective than others. And toy are also right about Sandoz, being garbage. They make garbage mediations all over. I'm currently on Adderall by Sandoz and want to say something to my pharmacist so bad but, at the same time don't want to be labeled, or looked at, like a junkie because they're controlled. I hope I helped you and you're not the only one who notices these things, I thought I was crazy in the beginning b4 I did all this research to find all similar problems in every state.

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Dave Says:

I had the same problem when they switched me from Watson 241 to Qualitest 4008. I am new to Ativan and my first batch (Watson 241) had a positive kick to my sleep as measured by my fitbit and feelings. I got more quality sleep and woke up tired. When I got on the golf course or work around the house I felt good. When I got my second batch of pills (qualitest 4008) I felt like they gave me the wrong pills
my sleep went back to what it was, as measured by my fitbit, and more pee trips at night. When I do not get good sleep I will have seizures. Sorry,I am running on--My question is based on others statements. Where can I get a list of what is in my medication? If I get a bottle of soda everything in that can is listed on the can. Why don't they consider medication as important as soda?

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jorogusa Says:

hi same boat here i was in watson for more than 3 years and it work perfect 4 me, but they changed to watson made by actavis...because the pill still reads watson but the tech explains to me, that is made by actavis. my anxiaty is out of control. please some one let me know if is there any similar to watson lorazepan....i tried to get the brand name and it was like a $1000 for 30 pills with insurance at publix pharmacy....please help...

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deebee Says:

OH NO, no answers to a generic Ativan/Lorazepam that works as well as Watson did.

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