Krimson 35 & Glycomet-250

vasu Says:

i am 22 yr old,before three years i was detected with pcod . since september 2008 i was put on krimson-35, since july 2010 i was put on thyronorm-25 one tablet in the morning and glycomet-250 two times a day once in afternoon and once at night , i am facing lots of side effects with these tablets ,so i wanted to know whether i can leave these tablets and switch over to ayurvedic safely or should carry with these tablets only and whether these tablets should be taken life long?

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Verwon Says:

Have you consulted your doctor about your concerns?

What side effects are you experiencing? In reality, side effects should taper off, once your body gets used to a medication, so you shouldn't still be experiencing a lot of them, after such a long period of use.

However, your medical condition itself could also be causing your problems. That's why you need to consult your doctor to find out.

Krimson 35 is an oral contraceptive tablet, it is given in cases such as yours to help regulate the hormones in your body.


Glycomet contains the active ingredient Metformin, it is an oral antidiabetic medication and is often given to people with PCOD, because their condition can be affected if their body has trouble properly using insulin.


And the Thyronorm contains Levothyroxine, which is used to help treat Thyroid disorders.


The next question I want to ask is, have you ever been tested as having a Thyroid problem? And, is your doctor doing regular blood tests to check your levels of Thyroid hormones, while you are taking this medication?

This one can cause some problems, if the dosage isn't monitored and adjusted regularly, according to your levels of Thyroid hormone.

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rav Says:


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rav Says:

Benforce m

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Hema Says:

I'm 24yr old unmarried im suffering from pcod and relevent tests were done no thyroid problems doctor has prescribed me Krimson-35 n has told to loss weight. i have completed my 2 month course tablet first month i had periods 5th day after completing the tablet in the second course i missed 1 day tablet and i remembered it next day and i dint take tat missed tablet on tat day instead i continued the persent day tablet n took the missed tablet at d last day of strip ie on 22nd day but i have no symtoms of having my periods. i want o know has the missing a tablet effected my cycle and wat r the reasons n side effects of this tablet.

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teja Says:

can we take Krimson 35 and glycomet at the same time after lunch? I have started taking both at the same time.

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