Kicking Gabapentin, Flexeril Or Opioids. How To Sleep Again.

Tedster1956 Says:

I've been so strung out on Gabapentin and Flexaril, which severely affect your sleep. I found a little something which is a blessing. Chloral Hydrate. It comes from China. This drug will get you to sleep fast and you'll stay asleep. Just 2-3 grams a night and you're out like a light. I was able to get off Gabapentin and Flexeril, both drugs that ruin your sleep. The crystals dissolve in water. There is no hangover. It tastes like s*** but I just chase with water. Do not abuse this drug or you'll be sorry.

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David Says:

Hi Tedster,

Sorry to hear about your challenges with sleep. Chloral Hydrate is actually something I've never heard of up till this point, so I want to thank you for mentioning it!

Upon researching Chloral Hydrate I also noticed that the US National Library of Medicine says it's specifically for "short term" treatment of insomnia. It would be so nice to have something that can be relied upon in the longer scheme of things, but I just wanted to mention this for any other readers in that they may have to seek out another alternative after taking Chloral Hydrate for so long... Although I'm not sure why it's solely intended for short term treatment, not becoming dependent on something may be a viable reason.

I hope you continue to get a pleasant night's rest with it as well as in the foreseeable future.

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GhostInTheWell Says:

I did have to increase the dosage up to 4gm. a night. However I got my doctor to perscribe some 50mg. Elavil pills and they hit me like a dead blow hammer, plus no hangover in the morning. I'm letting the chloral hydrate rest for awhile.

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Your Traveling Medical Gal Says:

I guess I'm confused because both Gabapentin and Flexril promote sleep for most patients and not insomnia especially when taken together but if you don't have health conditions that require these medications then there's no need to take them. A natural sleep aid is Kava, we prefer the fluid filled capsules over the foul tasting tinture but 1 pill is usually enough for most people, it's also good for anxiety. It's important to buy a reputable brand so you only get the root of the Kava tree and no bark from the tree which can be a filler but it doesn't work and is actually bad for you, so you need pure kava root if you ever want to try it. It's inexpensive.

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Tedster1956 Says:

At 1st both Flexaril and Gabapentin do promote good sleep. But gradually they lose their effectiveness, but without them I found it impossible to sleep. The lack of sleep will drive you insane. I've tried the basic sleep remedies: Lunestra, Dalmane, Restoril etc. but they would lose their effectiveness as well, plus my insurance wouldn't cover many of these costs. I decided to take my problem to a psychiatrist who tried several different medications before settling on Elavil. I always have my secret weapon, Chloral Hydrate, just in case.

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