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James Says:

Does anyone know where i can buy some ketamine from in india?

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, but this drug is constrained by the relevant federal laws and are unable to provide anyone with such information.

Ketamine is very potent and is highly regulated in the U.S.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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Paula Says:

I think it is utterly ridiculous that a drug, in use since the 50's and widely used in a pediatric population presently, should be so restricted just because some people have used it to get high!! It has a long history of safety for use in human beings. Millions of people, including myself, have suffered for YEARS (17 myself), wishing to die on a daily basis, unable to have a LIFE because of this hideous affliction! I became ill after the birth of my son 17 years ago and it has cost me EVERYTHING!! My career, GONE! My husband, GONE! My children, home, relationships, ALL GONE! I have no one and nothing. My family thinks I am lazy and want to do nothing but lay in bed all day, and if I would just do this or that, I would be all better.

I have gone through a clinical trial of Ketamine in a suburb of Chicago, received many infusions, and I was CURED! Then the trial ended and I am right back where I was, nobody and nothing. But there is a doc in NYC giving IM injections for depression! There are certain docs making BIG BUCKS because they can give you infusions. It is CRIMINAL! I was 36 when this started, now I am 52 and my life has been ruined! I don't WANT to wait any longer for the cure I have already experienced! I am a medical professional, or I was because I am on SS disability, I could administer the s*** my self by injecting in the muscle. This is so unfair and tragic, what court would prosecute a mentally ill woman seeking a cure for a disease that has ruined her life?

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Rachel Says:
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Paula Any luck? Ketamine is my last hope of living again

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Rachel Says:
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Where? Desperate for help

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sirsir Says:
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did you ever find a source? Please let me kno!

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Larney S. Says:


I have been using ketamine for twelve years. It is extreme hard to find a honest supplier online. It cost money, as I always ask for a small test order of under $100. Usually if they are crooks, then will not do it. My last supplier from Panama retired, so I have been spending 8 hours a day for the last seven months, no luck. If you find one, please email me, I will do the same. Two working on this may speed the process up.
{edited for privacy}

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Larney S. Says:

Hi Paula:
I have a similar problem. I use ketamine for pain. My doctor at the Veterans Hospital will only prescribe methadone first, which stop your body from absorbing calcium which makes the rheumatoid arthitis worse. I was a paramedic for twenty plus years. I can give myself IM shots. But trying to find ketamine online is a full time job. I spend eight plus hours every day looking and trying to see who is a scammer.
After years of this I m pretty good at looking between the lines when these would be ketamine scammers/sellers write me back.
I have found good people in Panama, The Phillipines, Pakistan and India, they do not last.
I still have someone in The Phillipines,absolutely reliable. No scam at all.been around for years. Kinda expensive though. I am not sure how to get the address to you.
Old Hickory, TN.
{edited for privacy}

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vendy Says:

Paula: your information about how ketamine helped with depression sounds exactly like my life has been. I have been depressed since menopause at 37; I am now 68 and still severely depressed. I've never tried ketamine but I see my dr. on Nov. 12th and he is going to start me on the drug. Antidepressants work for a while and then stop working. And I am right back to severe depression again. I understand completely how you are feeling. Life to me is so unfair.

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Larney Sager Says:


In reference to obtaining ketamine, if you are not familiar with getting ketamine online, then you had better not.
I have sent 13 or 14 years looking for a supplier after the one I was using stopped fr whatever reason.
I have lost hundreds of dollars, spending fifty here and sixty there.
You must learn to read between the lines. The amount of crooks and scammers saying they are offerring ketamine but really are just trying to steal is really amazing.
They will steal as little as fifty dollars.
I am working on a very good possible site in Pakistan.
I currently do have a reliable site in the Phillipines, that I've had and used for ten years. Only problem is they are a little expensive. The one I am working on sold me 7 500 mg/10 ml. vials for $80.00 includes shipping
Waiting for tracking number.
Will keep all interested posted.
Old Hickory, Tennessee

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Paula Says:
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This reply is directed to everyone on this thread. I did find a supplier, now gone. I obtained some legit Ketamine and gave the dosage prescribed in the trial I participated in. It did not work the same as the IV infusions and I was very disappointed. I would like to hear from the poster who said they were getting Ket from their Doc. How is it being given? Will you name your Dr. and where does he/she practice? They do not care if you name a legit Dr. prescribing. Thanks!

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Kaleb Says:

Hello, I have been desperately trying to find a legit source for obtaining ketamine. I have treatment resistant depression. I can't afford to go to one of the few clinics/drs that offer treatments for 500.00 - 2,000 per week. I have tried to order from 3 different places and have been scammed. Please let me know if you find a trustworthy source if even at a higher cost. Thank you. {edited for privacy}

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Rachael Says:
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DesperAte for ketamine for treatment resistant depression and PTSD. I'm in tennesse and this state is hard to get any help here!

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Larney Sager Says:

I tried to buy ketamine through admedplus.
It sounded good and I sent him $80.00 for a test order of seven 500 mg multiple dose vials.
The money was picked up on 10/31/13.
He said he would send me tracking number as soon as it was mailed.
Still nothing as of today. 11/09/13
Yesterday I was sixty. Great birthday present.
If anyone has an absolutely reliable source, please let me know.
I cannot afford to lose money like this.

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helper Says:

If it's of any help, you can buy ketamine from black market reloaded, a site that's in the deep web, which can be accessed with Tor-browser.

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Coop Says:

If your looking to buy K , stay away from "brentjorthan", he is a scammer.

if you need, I have the full email print out for proof

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scotty rock Says:

Does anyone know where to obtain ketamine legitimately?

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Earthbelow Says:

Purchased Anasket brand Ketamine from a Mexican source. Used by veterinarians but is factory sealed. $80 for 1000 mg/10ml. vial. Use 30 mg. every few hours. Only thing to relieve my depression/anxiety - but it doesn't last long.

Like to try infusions or set up my own IV drip - can't be that hard. Steven Best, MD offers infusions in Deerfield, IL but it's expensive...

Looking for another reliable source - want human grade - Ketalar (Parke/Davis) brand. Ketalar is the brand used by medical community. Anyone know, please contact.

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Earthbelow Says:

To: odin 14 re: 12/06/2013 "supplier" message that was edited for privacy.

Can you give me your source? Greatly appreciated. Chronic anxiety/depression for 40 years. Use small, 10 ml. subcutaneous insulin needle injections - helps like nothing else - but doesn't last long.

Waiting for GLYX-13 to hit the market. Can't afford weekly infusions from these greedy pdocs.

I have a guy in Mexico, not cheap but sells factory-sealed Anesket brand (veterinary grade) vials (500mg/10ml). Usually throws in a couple extra vials for free.

Hope to hear from you.


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Earthbelow Says:

Hi - Have you found another source?

Had a guy in Mexico a few months ago - factory sealed, veterinary grade 1,000 mg/10 ml vials of Anesket brand ketamine - not cheap - but threw in a couple of extra vials for free. Trying to reorder but no response as yet.

Like to hear from you.



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adonischaos Says:

Hey there. I go to Mexico every Saturday to receive stem cell injections and it would be nice to grab some ket while I'm there. Is it too much to ask if it would be possible to fill me in on the best way to do that?

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