Kadian 60mg Twiced Daily/oxycodone 5mg 4xdaily


I have been taking these prescriptions for fourteen years four the bad discs in my lower back. I have gotten to the place that I have decided to not take them anymore becuase of the side affects.. Sleep disorders, a feeling of being hazy all the time and just not emitionally their for my family anymore and my energy level is always down while taking these medications.

I must say they are probably a great thing if you are taking them for a short period of time awaiting surgery. But don't get put on them for long term care if you care anything about your quality of life with those around you and how you feel outside of the pain you are experiencing.

I have been off these medications for elleven days now and still find myself not able to sleep. I have tried the tritration thing in the past and it was a horrible experience and I was never successful with it. I have always gone cold turkey and went through the aches and shakes for a couple of days which will help you respect these medications even more. The biggest problem is getting to sleep. I have not slept in elleven days other than a couple hours on three different occasions the last three nights.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am at my whits end and do not want to get back on my medications. I have tried all kinds of sleeping pills and also trazadone to no avail.

Good Luck to all of you struggling with the same symptoms and I hope you are well soon.

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