Jevtana And Shortness Of Breath

Lloyd M Fletcher Says:

I have received at least four Jevtana infusions and my onconologist is letting me rest now. I have many of the side effects listed, but the most disconcerting is the shortness of breath and fatigue. I can only walk a few feet or be involved in minimal exertion and I am gasping for air. I use pursed-lip breathing which helps. I have advanced prostate cancer with bone metastases. Does anyone know when the the "shortness of breath" episodes will end after no longer infusing Jevtana over a period of months? Thank you for your response.

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Verwon Says:

Has your Oncologist given you any ideas on how long it may last?

The information available in these medications is usually very limited and this one is not exception, as you can see here:


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Lloyd M Fletcher Says:


I saw my medical oncologist yesterday (4/11/2012) regarding Jevtana and the side effect - "shortness of breath" - issue. He gave me the impression the shortness of breath my subside within a month or two, but it may be as long as six months 'til the body recuperates from the chemotherapy. The fatigue may take longer to subside. Of course, he recommended that I see my cardiologist to assure that something else is not causing the shortness of breath which I believe is wise advice. I see my cardiologist in a month, so we will see how I feel by then? Shortness of breath could be attributed to Jevtana, or a heart-related problem or anemia which cancer patients have to deal with. It sounds like this situation is going to be a "waiting game" for the weeks and months ahead. My oncologist seems pleased with my PSA count and will be recommending Zytiga for my next round of chemotherapy should my PSA count begins to rise again. Best wishes!

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