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Dawn Says:

My mom is in the hospital & is being given Dilaudid through her PCA. She thinks she's allergic to the medication. Is there any other pain med given in a PCA/IV form she could try?

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Verwon Says:

What types of problems is she having that makes her think she's allergic to it?

Dilaudid is a very potent narcotic and usually the first line choice in most hospitals now for IV pain relief.

However, there is a difference between being allergic to something and suffering from side effects. If she is allergic, someone in the hospital caring for her would have noticed immediately, because there'd be signs such as swelling, skin rash and difficulty breathing.

Learn more Dilaudid details here.

However, if she's just suffering from dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and other similar symptoms, those are just side effects and are likely to occur with any narcotic pain reliever.

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concerneddaughter Says:

My mom is in the hospital also and they gave her Dilaudid...did your mom have any side effects not taking it again? I doubt they will give her more...how do you avoid withdrawl? She is battling withdrawl from Opana which is no longer manufactured.

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CJK Says:

Their are a couple what are her side affects if its itching tell them she she needs benadrill I can't spell sorry but if the side affects are nassusia that's normal in any pain meds she could be on to high of a dose to but the other meds she can asks about is Morphine and Fentanyl I hear ppl get sick from Fentanyl as well so I dunno asks the nurse and I'm sure they will figuer something out for her best of luck

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mrs Williams Says:

My daughter n law been back and forth to the ER. She can't keep nothing down they won't give her any pain medication for the pain saying that it will slow her down what can she take to kill the pain through her iv

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